SHAVENT Metal Razor - jetzt plastikfrei Rasieren entdecken
Man shaving face SHAVENT
Flexible Razor Head
Woman shaving leg with SHAVENT razor
Blade change SHAVENT
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Basic set: SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. stand

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The SHAVENT 3-blade wet razor with its flexible razor head gives you the most comfortable shave without plastic with the perfect curve in an elegant and stylish way

The basic set contains everything you need to get started with the SHAVENT:

We have already installed the first 3 blades in your high-quality SHAVENT, a second set of blades for the first change is also included. The set also includes the elegant, matching stand that makes the SHAVENT an eye-catcher in your bathroom.


Your advantages with SHAVENT

✅ No plastic, no rubber, just beautiful, durable metal

✅ No long-term expensive interchangeable heads - uses standard half-blades available cheaply from many brands

✅ Full swing head comfort for a gentle shave all over the body - for men, women, everyone

✅ Durable, sustainable, Made in Germany



    The elegant design with three closely spaced blades and a movable razor head that adapts perfectly to the contours of your face and body gives you the gentle, comfortable shave you know and love, without any plastic waste! Whether you are looking for a very special, elegant, gentle, manoeuvrable metal razor for the face and body, or whether you simply want to shave comfortably and plastic-free like we do - the SHAVENT is the right companion for you.


    Gentle, safe and very easy lasting shaving - whether face or body, the movable razor head of the SHAVENTs Zero Waste razor glides gently and thoroughly even over sensitive skin areas and easily takes every curve for the most comfortable shave. Because: whether man or woman, every skin loves a gentle shave. And with them cheap standard blades you can treat yourself to a set of fresh blades more often - this way you can prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation. 

    Designed for durability, our SHAVENT is made entirely in Germany using a precision zinc die-casting process and completely dispenses with plastic and rubber - so it is free from age-related material failures. And to give the optics the finishing touch, the razor is painstakingly ground and chrome-plated with bright chrome for a long time.

    Made for a lifetime in a timeless design - designed in Italy, made in Germany.

        We recommend the SHAVENT basic set to everyone who already shaves plastic-free and therefore already has razor blades at home (e.g. safety razor or straight razor) and who now want to bring full comfort and easy, fast shaving with the swivel head (back) into their shaving routine with the SHAVENT.

        So if you already have a favorite brand among the many classic razor blades from your days as a planer, whether they are already cut in half (so-called half blades or single edge blades) or whole razor blades divided with a targeted cut, then you can easily use them in the SHAVENT . That's why you get your new swing head razor in the basic set without additional blades.

            The basic set contains:

            • the elegant, durable SHAVENT premium metal razor without plastic
            • 6 pieces of Derby Professional Single Edge razor blades - a set to start directly, a set for the first change
            • High-quality matching foot for elegant storage in the bathroom INCLUDED 

                Happy or your money back

                Your satisfaction is important to us! Since we are sure that you will love our SHAVENT razor, we grant you a start voluntary right of return within the first 30 days after purchase! If you are not satisfied, simply send us an email to kontakt@shavent.store

                    Technical specifications

                    • Measurements: 15 cm long
                    • Weight: razor approx. 85 g
                    • Material: zinc chrome plated
                    • Blade type: standard half-blades, see for example HERE


                    Safety notice

                    As with every razor, the same applies to the SHAVENT: please always be careful - razor blades are known to be razor sharp! Keep razors and blades out of the reach of children or anyone who is not familiar with razor blades.

                    You can find more information on safety and care HERE

                    Note: Decoration on photos not included, see "scope of delivery"


                      Do you still have questions about the SHAVENT?

                      Then look at ours FAQ drop by or write to us about our contact form - we are happy to advise you!

                        Customer Reviews

                        Based on 351 reviews

                        Super Rasierer! Schon beim ersten Mal ging alles problemlos. Sieht auch super schick aus. Ergebnis tadellos!

                        Stefan V.
                        Noch hin und her gerissen

                        Würde gerne 3,5 Sterne geben.
                        Lieg sehr gut in der Hand, gleitet toll und das Gewicht liebe ich.
                        Klingen einfach zu wechseln, aber mal sollte unbedingt die "scharfen" Klingen bestellen.

                        Ich rasiere mich seit 25 Jahren nass, von daher habe ich schon vieles probiert.
                        Die Rasur ist leider nicht ganz glatt. Mann muss trotz scharfer Klingen gegen den Strich nachrasieren. Sonst ist es vom Gefühl her wie eine Rasur nach 6-8 Stunden.
                        Die Problematik "unter der Nase" wurde schon angesprochen. Egal wie schief man den Rasierer hält, es bleibt etwas stehen. Von daher muss auch dort nachrasiert werden.

                        Finde die Idee dieses Rasierers sehr gut... werde ihn weiterhin benutzen und vielleicht auf eine Version 2 warten

                        Kirsten K.

                        Kann ich noch nicht sagen,Geburtstag kommt noch!!

                        High quality, family made

                        As a father-daughter family startup, we want to offer you a razor for life! Together with our experienced partners in Germany, we give our all for this every day - including knowledge, heart and passion. Made with ❤️ in Germany!

                        Romy und Armin von Shavent

                        Romy, Armin & the SHAVENT Team

                        - we are here for you!

                        Do you have open questions about the SHAVENT?

                        Then write us via our contact form - we are happy to advise you!