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All-round set SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. razor blades & collection box

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The all-round set for our SHAVENT 3-blade wet razor with a flexible oscillating head - it gives you the gentle, thorough shave you love and saves tons of plastic!

In the all-round set you get the long-lasting SHAVENT razor including a matching base, a supply of standard razor blades for 33 changes and a blade collection box in which you can safely store used razor blades until they are disposed of.

Your advantages with SHAVENT:

✅ Completely plastic-free

✅  Flexible oscillating head for a gentle and close shave from head to toe 

✅  Inexpensive standard blades instead of long-term expensive, waste-generating interchangeable heads 

✅  Durable, valuable, Made in Germany

✅ No Risk: 30 Day Money Back Promotion

Your perfect, gentle shave for face & body, for men, women, everyone | elegant, sustainable & 100% plastic-free | Made with love in Germany



Thanks to its smooth-running swivel head, the SHAVENT glides gently around every curve. Whether for face or body, it is as gentle, safe and thorough as you know it from head to toe and yet completely plastic-free. 

As easy and gentle as you know it, as sustainable as never before! 


Shavent flexible razor head


Free choice of blades: we want you to be independent. That's why the SHAVENT uses standard blades that are available from many manufacturers. No special blades, no dependency, just a gentle, plastic-free shave. Fair? Fair!

Clever: The so-called "single-edge blades" or "half-blades" ensure that your blade change now only means a few cents instead of many euros. The SHAVENT saves you a lot of money in the long term compared to the drugstore razor. 

Consistent: Conventional shaver heads are a solid composite of plastic, metal and rubber and create tons of residual waste every year. The half-blades used in the SHAVENT consist of only a few grams of stainless steel and are completely plastic-free!

Easy: Changing the blade is very easy - after a short period of getting used to it, it can be done in a matter of seconds. Simply unscrew, swap blades between dividers, screw, ready! 


A razor for generations - we have designed the SHAVENT entirely for durability, so that you can enjoy it for tens of years. We call this "Durable by Design".

It is cast, polished and chrome-plated for a long time with a lot of care and many steps by hand and its wearing parts are reduced to an absolute minimum. In addition, they are installed in such a way that you can easily replace them yourself at home should a wearing part wear out after tens of years. After all, why throw away a razor just for a small part? Exactly, there is no reason for that! 

Made for a lifetime in a timeless design - designed in Italy, made in Germany

The all-round set is our recommendation for anyone looking for the perfect start to plastic-free shaving from head to toe - whether face or body, with the derby blades in the SHAVENT all-round set you are well looked after for all parts of the body. They are wonderfully thorough and yet so gentle that they safely circumvent one or the other skin imperfection.

In the set, you ensure yourself the compact supply of blades for the first 33 changes, which can easily be accommodated in even the smallest drawer.

The all-round set contains:

  • the elegant SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. 6 Derby Professional Single Edge razor blades
  • High-quality matching foot for elegant storage in the bathroom INCLUDED
  • A pack of Derby Professional blades (100 pieces, enough for 33 changes)
  • Our SHAVENT blade collection box - you can safely store used blades in this

Happy or your money back

Your satisfaction is important to us! Since we are sure that you will love our SHAVENT razor, we grant you a voluntary right of return within the first 30 days after purchase! If you are not satisfied, simply send us an email to kontakt@shavent.store

Technical data shaver:

  • Measurements: 15 cm long
  • Weight: razor approx. 85 g
  • Material: zinc chrome plated
  • Blade type: Standard half-blades, available from many brands, see for example HERE

safety notice

As with every razor, the same applies to the SHAVENT: please always be careful - razor blades are known to be razor sharp! Keep razors and blades out of the reach of children or anyone who is not familiar with razor blades.

You can find more information on safety and care HERE

Note: Decoration on photos not included, see "scope of delivery" 

Do you still have questions about the SHAVENT?

Then look at ours FAQ drop by or write to us about our contact form - we are happy to advise you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1431 reviews
Ralf G.

Super Nachhaltiges Produkt!👍👍👍

Roberto O.
Best razor I have ever had in my hands

The feeling of using the SHAVENT razor is like you are not shaving yourself at all, but you are actually shaving. It goes super smooth and skin is not irritated. I have used for face and body and the result is stunning. Well done guys!!!

Überzeugende Alternative

Nach einer gewissen Zeit ( die man sich nehmen sollte ) der Eingewöhnung mit dem Shavent, bin ich sehr zufrieden und halte ihn für eine echte Alternative zu den üblichen Wechselklingen Rasieren.
Man muss sich für die Rasur etwas mehr Zeit nehmen, als man dies gewöhnt ist und dann klappt es sehr gut.
Die Reinigung in der Spülmaschine geht nicht ganz so einfach wie angepriesen. Da muss man schon noch etwas nachhelfen.

High quality, family made

As a father-daughter family startup, we want to offer you a razor for life! Together with our experienced partners in Germany, we give our all for this every day - including knowledge, heart and passion. Made with ❤️ in Germany!

Romy und Armin von Shavent

Romy, Armin & the SHAVENT Team

- we are here for you!

Do you have open questions about the SHAVENT?

Then write us via our contact form - we are happy to advise you!