SHAVENT gift packaging - the clever way of giving gifts

SHAVENT gift packaging - the clever way of giving gifts

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How do you turn a shipping box into a gift box? Very easily! With our gift-wrap-extra!

The SHAVENT comes to you in a gift-compatible packaging, lovingly draped with wood wool. Why not use this directly as gift packaging? That saves you rubbish and nerves!

How it works:

  1. Your SHAVENT order comes to you lovingly draped in wood wool and wrapped in decorative paper in its slim shipping box - see photo
  2. You open the box (maybe take out your second SHAVENT ;-)) and find in there
    • a red gift ribbon made of 100% cotton (valuable to the touch, reusable and even compostable in the end)
    • a festive paper sticker - you can write on it to your heart's content. It is just big enough that you can stick it over the shipping label.
  3. Now just like in the video: Take out the utensils, close the box again, drape the loop around it, stick the sticker over the label, write your greetings - DONE!
  4. Enjoy the pleasure of gift giving!