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Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter… There are many and just as many festivals and occasions gift ideas.
But have you ever given something away that the recipient has loved for many years? save money can?
Check out ours SHAVENT an!
SHAVENT is a wet razor with a movable head like we know it from big brand manufacturers and it offers the same shaving comfort, gentle, safe and precise. The recipient will love it!
the SHAVENT has a big one advantage:
He is environmentally friendly! Because he is completely plasticfrei and also has no rubber coatings. At the SHAVENT not the whole razor head has to be replaced, only the Sound. There is just 0.8 grams of recyclable metal waste per blade change.
But that's not all!
The recipient not only protects our environment, but also their wallet, provided he or she has been using one up to now Systemrasierer.
A replacement razor head costs around 3 euros on average
Replacing blades once, on the other hand, costs around 20 cents.
On average, a razor head is renewed after about 4 weeks (13 times a year).
If you replace the blades instead SHAVENT, so there is one
savings from 36.40 euros per year!
That makes 364 euros in 10 years, because the recipient will enjoy his or her gift for as long and even longer SHAVENT have, because the SHAVENT Wet razors can even be repaired if, for example, the spring tires.
What are you saying?
Maybe you feel like being the recipient yourself? Then give your loved ones a tip for your next birthday...
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