This is how you dispose of your used razor blades properly and sustainably

You notice the shave is no longer comfortable, it pulls on your hair? The razor blades are probably getting too dull. It's great that you can change your blades super quickly, cheaply and sustainably with the standard blades that fit in the SHAVENT!

But what to do with the old blades?

We explain it to you!

Basically, razor blades are considered hygiene items and can be disposed of in the residual waste. However, there are a few things to consider and there are much more sustainable ways. 

Under no circumstances should you simply throw the blades in the "garbage", because this has consequences for people and the environment.

So here are our don'ts for disposal:

Don't just throw the blades in the yellow sack! Even supposedly blunt blades can cut open the garbage bag and injure people. 

Don't just throw the blades down the toilet! They pose a major risk of injury to sewer maintenance workers.  

Here are our dos for disposal:

If you want to dispose of your blades with household waste, it is best to pack them in a suitable container, such as the packaging you received them in.

If you no longer have this packaging at hand, you can simply wrap it in newspaper or waste paper to reduce the risk of injury.

Here's how it's even more sustainable:

It is best to collect your blades in a suitable container, such as our stylish one blade collection box and take away many at once. 

Some drugstores or organic markets will accept your old blades and dispose of them for you.

Otherwise you can of course take them to the recycling center and recycle them with the metal waste.

Metal dealers are also often happy about your blunt blades, but you only have to try it here if you have a certain quantity.

With these tips you can make your shave sustainable, right down to the last step! 

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