Shaving legs: Tips & Tricks - Finally dreamlike smooth legs

As soon as the weather allows us to show a little more leg again, half the world reaches for the razor. With the dream of achieving silky smooth legs and glowing skin.

But despite so many doing it, shaving properly is a science in itself that few have mastered.

The reality is often like this: cuts on knees and ankles, itching, razor bumps and irritated skin.

So what is the best way to shave your legs?

Don't worry, we all struggle with these typical shaving problems. But we have a few simple tips and tricks for you that will get you closer to your dream of perfect, velvety legs

Beine rasieren mit SHAVENT


Before shaving: prevent strawberry legs and ingrown hairs

Would you like to shave your legs quickly, conveniently and particularly effectively? Then the most important steps begin before you even pick up the razor!


  1. Peeling

Regular exfoliation is essential if you want smooth, even skin.

The peeling removes dead skin cells and calluses that clog your pores. This way you avoid ingrown hairs and the classic "strawberry legs".

But be careful: peeling can put a lot of strain on the skin. It is therefore gentler if you use it the day before you shave so that your skin can recover in the meantime.


  1. Warm water

Jump straight into the shower and go? Please do not! Shaving is easiest and most comfortable if you take 5 minutes in the warm shower beforehand.

The warm water opens your pores and allows for a smoother shave.


  1. foam, gel or oil

Dry shaving your legs usually automatically results in extremely irritated skin. Unless your skin is really resilient and insensitive. You can prevent skin irritation by using shaving foam, shaving gel or even oil - normal shower gel also works well, as long as it "flows"! 


While shaving: what is the best way to shave my legs?

If you've properly prepared your skin for shaving, it can get to the heart of the matter.

But what is important when it comes to shaving properly?


  1. The right razor & sharp blades

You have a lot of choices: that blunt thing you've been using for eight years, a killer safety razor you've cut yourself with so many times, or maybe a new razor at last? But which one?


There are plenty of razors that you can just swap out the head for. This is handy as it allows you to change your razor blades quickly and easily. Because one sharp razor blade is the be-all and end-all! It is recommended that you change your blade every two to six weeks. With conventional razors from the drugstore, however, this is a major environmental burden when millions of people throw away their razor heads every few weeks.

the Shavent zero waste razor in contrast, not only is it free of plastic and rubber, it also uses inexpensive standard razor blades for replacement, without any plastic. So you can often treat your skin to new sharp blades without a guilty conscience. Because we think great, smooth legs and well-groomed skin are also possible without harming the planet!

 SHAVENT Rasierhobel

A swing head that adapts to the curves and curves of your legs ensures that you don't cut yourself as easily as with a classic safety razor whose head is fixed.


  1. In which direction should I shave my legs?

This is where opinions differ and you will hear a lot of different opinions about it. It is best to try out what is most comfortable for you. Basically, shaving in the direction of growth is gentler and gentler, but a few stubble may remain. Shaving against the grain of your hair is more irritating to your skin, but the result is more thorough.

If your hair is particularly long, we recommend shaving in the direction of growth first to remove most of it.

For a more thorough shave, you can then shave against the direction of growth and finally again in the direction of growth. This way you get wonderfully smooth legs without overly straining your skin.


While shaving, you should repeatedly hold your razor under running water or swirl it around in a bowl of water that is as warm as possible to rinse out the hair and foam!


After the shave: care, protect, enjoy

Made! Your legs are hair free, mirror smooth and you haven't cut yourself? Then only the last steps are missing, so that your skin stays so nice and soft.


  1. Cold water

Immediately after shaving, you can run your legs under cold water to close the pores and avoid skin irritation. Basically, the change from warm to cold water is great for blood circulation and tightening of your skin!


  1. Cream, cream, cream!

No matter how gently and carefully you shave, hair removal puts a strain on your skin. To soothe and disinfect them, you should apply either an aftershave lotion or your favorite body lotion to them after shaving. You should make sure that it is not too heavily perfumed, as this can irritate sensitive skin in particular. 

Also: Avoid direct sun and very tight pants immediately after shaving! Skin is sensitive and should be given time to settle before being exposed to direct radiation or friction.


Conclusion: a lot of tips! But your legs will thank you.

Think of the feeling of slipping into a freshly made bed with velvety soft, clean-shaven legs – and all without causing a massacre in the shower or annoying itching! With these tips, you can be sure of this feeling after every leg shave!

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