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Sharp blades - the be-all and end-all for a gentle shave without skin irritation

We have already collected numerous tips for you on all our channels on the subject of gentle shaving. But here we wanted to go back to what we think is the most important point: sharp blades!

You probably remember the following from your old system razors: The blade cartridges are expensive💸, so you use each one for as long as possible🤷‍♀️

But that's the worst thing for your hair and skin.

The shave does not leave a smooth result and it also feels anything but gentle. The blades "pluck" your hair more than they cut it straight.

But not so with SHAVENT

Changing the blade is very easy and best of all: you don't need to have a bad conscience here. No more plastic blade cartridges for expensive money must be thrown away. Changing the blades is cheap and sustainable. You save money and do something good for our environment😍.

So: Treat yourself to new blades more often and give your skin the best possible shaving experience.

Beine beim Rasieren

But how do I know when I should change my razor blades?

First of all: Just change your blades when they no longer feel good to you!

A rough guide is: 

If you shave every day, you should change your blades about every 1 to 2 weeks. If you shave every two days, the rough rule is to change your blades every 2 to 3 weeks and if you shave twice a week, you should change your blades every 4 to 6 weeks.

But of course the following applies: the feeling of a gentle shave is very individual and depends on various factors. 

So decide for yourself when the shave no longer feels gentle and change your blades more often😉. Your skin will thank you✨.

Which blades are right for me?

There are numerous razor blades from different manufacturers and here too you have to find out a bit for yourself which ones you feel most comfortable with.

We didn't make our own blades for our SHAVENT extra in order to give you exactly this blade freedom.

You can use any half-blade you want in the SHAVENT. So you are not tied to us with this decision and can stay true to your favorite blade brand😇.

The two different Sound on our Website in comparison

Our perfect all-rounders: The Derby Blades.

Derby Klingen

The derby blades are made of high-performance stainless steel and are great for the face and body. They are both sharp enough for beard shaving and gentle enough for body shaving. 

With the Derby blades you are doing everything right!


Our super hot ones: The Perma Blades

Permasharp Klingen

They are made of stainless steel and are really super sharp. That is why they are perfect for face and head shaving. But even with very thick hair, the Perma blades can be the best solution for a gentle body shave.  

If you shave your bald head, for example, you are perfectly served with the Perma blades.