Bart for a good cause - That's behind the "Movember"

He's still the physical hallmark of manhood par excellence. The beard! So what would be better suited to draw attention to male health prevention?
The no-shave November isn't like all other interchangeable trends
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Mann mit Bart

This action draws attention to a serious problem: this is about men's health.

Men die too young, on average four years earlier than women.

But why is that?

Men are less likely to talk about their health and go to the doctor less often. Men also find it much more difficult to talk about psychological problems or feelings than women. Unfortunately, both are still equated with weakness. Toxic masculinity is a problem and, ultimately, it also means that diseases in men, be they mental or physical, are recognized too late.

This is exactly what the "Movember" or "no-shave-November" movement wants to do something about and stand up for men's health.

What is no-shave November or Movember about?

The word Movember is a portmanteau and is made up of the words Mustache, for mustache and November. The aim of this campaign is not to shave for the whole of November and thus encourage friends and acquaintances to donate. Or you can donate yourself, for example simply the money that you would otherwise have spent on shaving (care) that month. The aim is for men to raise awareness of men's health through their changed appearance. A growing beard is often perceived as unsightly or uncomfortable. Attendees who are asked about beard growth can use the moment to draw attention to the fundraiser.

There are three major themes at Movember: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental illness.

Why are these three points so crucial?

Prostate and testicular cancer mainly affects men. Around 70,000 people develop prostate cancer in Germany alone every year, and 15,000 of them die from this cancer each year. A huge number! As with any disease, it is important to detect it early in order to initiate appropriate treatment and increase the chances of recovery. Prevention is therefore extremely important!

With around 4,000 new cases per year in Germany, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in young men between the ages of 25 and 44. The fact that there is little prevention from going to the doctor here is often due to the fact that topics relating to the genitals are often shameful.

Men's mental health is also an issue. Around 500,000 men take their own lives worldwide every year. The proportion of men undergoing therapy is also half that of women.

We think it is extremely important that attention is drawn to this topic! The no-shave November is a great campaign and we can only encourage everyone to take part.

So men: grow a beard and collect donations diligently!

And women: You can draw a beard and show that you are behind this great campaign and donate!