Verschiedene Bartstile im Überblick

Different beard styles at a glance

Beards are no longer just a trend, but have become an integral part of male style. From a well-groomed mustache to an impressive full beard, there are a variety of beard styles that offer every man the opportunity to create his very own look.

In this blog post we take a look at 9 different beard styles and discover the variety they offer.

1. The Mustache:
The mustache is a timeless classic that can be worn in many variations. From thin, delicate mustaches to wider and bolder styles, there are numerous ways to style a mustache. A mustache gives the face a distinctive expression and can look both retro and modern.

2. The beard:
The goatee is a popular style that accentuates the chin and adds some definition to the face. There are several variations of the goatee, including the goatee (a small beard on the chin), the soul patch (a thin stripe below the lower lip), and the van dyke (a combination of a goatee and mustache).

3. Der 3-Tages-Bart:
The 3-day beard is a relaxed yet attractive style that is achieved after about three days of growth. It consists of short, evenly distributed stubble and gives the face a certain roughness. The 3-day beard can be styled in different ways depending on preference and face shape. The three-day beard is ideal for men who prefer a well-groomed yet casual look.

4. The Beard:
The full beard is an impressive style that requires a copious amount of facial hair. There are several variations of the full beard, including the classic full beard, the Garibaldi beard (a slightly wilder style with a wider base), and the ducktail beard (a sculpted beard with a peak at the chin). A full beard can give a masculine and distinctive look, but it also requires regular grooming and attention.

5. The Balbo Beard:
The Balbo beard is a stylish and modern beard style that consists of a goatee and a separate mustache. The mustache is separated from the goatee and runs laterally towards the cheeks. The Balbo beard adds some sharpness to the face and can go well with different face shapes.

6. The Goatee:
The goatee is a classic beard style that consists of a narrow strip of hair on the chin. It can either be trimmed short or left a little longer. The goatee adds a certain boldness to the face and is a popular choice for men with a prominent jawline.

7. Der 7-Tages-Bart:
A 7-day beard is a beard style that is achieved after about a week of beard growth. It is characterized by longer stubble that gives the face a certain roughness and masculinity. Compared to shorter beard styles like the 3-day beard, the 7-day beard looks thicker and more distinctive.

8. The Mustache & Chin Puff:
The Mustache & Chin Puff is a combination of a mustache and a small, rounded goatee. The mustache is usually left a bit longer while the goatee is kept short and rounded. This style gives a unique shape to the face and can create a quirky yet neat look.

9. The Bandholz Beard:
The Bandholz beard, also known as the Woodsprite beard, is a long, bushy beard that appears wild and untamed. It requires a lot of patience and care to maintain, but it can give an impressive and sturdy look.

When choosing a beard style, it's important to consider your individual style, face shape, and hair texture. Feel free to experiment with different styles to find out which beard suits you best.