history of shaving

The term shave comes from the Latin rasura = to scratch, scrape. The first tools for removing the male Bartwuchses were actually made of flint or seashells, which our ancestors used to make theirs thousands of years ago Barthaare scrape off
Already around 1500 BC. there were the first folding ones razor. Beard fashion has been subject to various trends over time. In the beginning it was hygienic aspects that required the hair to be scraped off, later aesthetic and fashion criteria were added. Wearing a beard has always been a sign of power or wisdom in different cultures.
In the 17th century came the hinged razor to new glory. The profession of barber developed from a dishonorable and dishonest profession to becoming an independent barber with his own salon, which gentlemen used to visit professional beard care add. We still find such salons today or again in all cultures.
Shaving yourself daily at home in front of the mirror only became fashionable around 1900, after Mr. King Camp Gillette the double-sided razor blade made of hardened steel and a suitable one safety razor had invented.
The first came in 1976 disposable razor and, in 1977, the first razors with a pivoting head that could be easily swapped out. This started the habit of simply throwing away replaceable heads or entire razors.
At this time of technical progress, no one thought about the dimensions that our throwaway behavior would one day reach.
New innovative razors were always coming onto the market, first with two blades, then 3,4,5 etc. We always buy the latest model, the old one is thrown away completely.
Today will be uncounted razors offered in extravagant colorful packaging made of hard plastic and in turn replacement shaving heads in dispensers made of PVC and disposable razor made of PVC. All of this ends up in the trash sooner or later.
That really doesn't have to be the case, does it? If only it could be done quite comfortably without it! Discover the SHAVENT swing head razor for you - no plastic, no interchangeable heads - just beautiful metal and a gentle, few shave
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