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Shaving in winter - this is how you get through the cold season gently

We will explain to you what changes in your skin in winter and how you can still have a pleasant shaving experience.

Winter not only brings cold temperatures, but also dry skin. This can make shaving more uncomfortable.

We will explain to you what changes in your skin in winter and how you can still have a pleasant shaving experience.

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What happens to our skin in winter?

In winter, your skin can become drier due to lower humidity and cold temperatures. The heated air indoors also contributes to dryness. This can lead to a lack of moisture in the top layers of the skin, leading to tightness, itching and irritation. In order to avoid these problems, it is important to sufficiently hydrate and care for your skin in winter.

Should I even shave in winter? 

Of course, how often you shave in winter depends on your personal preferences. But shaving in winter also has advantages: Some people shave less because their skin is usually covered by clothing at this time of year. However, tight-fitting clothing can cause dry skin or chafing. In these cases, shaving can actually help by removing dead skin cells and reducing friction from hair on clothing.

What should I consider when shaving in winter?

As always, preparation and proper care is everything!

Before shaving, exfoliate your skin and soak it thoroughly with warm water. This removes dead skin and gives your razor a smoother surface. During the shave, you should make sure you use good shaving foam and sharp blades for the smoothest possible experience. This is the quickest way to shave and you don't have to shave over one area more often, which would irritate your skin further. After shaving, it's important to help your skin regenerate and keep it hydrated with a good moisturizer.


All in all, we may need to help our skin a bit more in winter, but of course every season has its pitfalls. In winter we tend to have drier skin and we have to put a lot of emphasis on moisturizing care. 

But no problem with the SHAVENT due to the sharp blades and comfortable shave. Our plastic-free swing head razor and our care products help you to take care of your skin perfectly and allow you a gentle shave without skin irritation at any time of the year.