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Tips & Tricks for your leg shave - Finally dreamlike smooth legs

We give you valuable tips and tricks for your leg shave - for fantastically smooth legs without any skin irritation.

In this article we give you valuable tips and tricks on what you should consider when shaving your legs so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth and gentle result.

What's the best way to shave your legs?

We certainly all know the typical shaving problems and as soon as the weather allows us to show a little more leg again, half the world reaches for the razor. With the dream of achieving silky smooth legs and glowing skin.
But despite so many doing it, shaving properly is a science in itself that few have mastered.

Reality often looks like this: cuts on knees and ankles, itching, razor bumps, strawberry legs and irritated skin. Since these problems often occur, we have now put together some helpful tips and tricks for you:


The preparation:

To avoid strawberry legs and ingrown hairs, it is important that you consider a few points before picking up the razor:

  • Peeling

Regular exfoliation is essential if you want smooth, even skin.

The peeling removes dead skin cells and calluses that clog your pores. This way you avoid ingrown hairs and the classic “strawberry legs”.

But be careful: a peeling can also put a lot of strain on the skin. It is therefore gentler if you use it the day before you shave, so that your skin can recover in the meantime before you shave.

  • Warm water

Jump straight into the shower and go? Please do not! Shaving is easiest and most comfortable if you take 5 minutes in the warm shower beforehand.

This allows your pores to open and allows you to shave more gently.

  • shaving products
Please never use a wet razor on dry skin! This irritates your skin completely unnecessarily and the shaving result also suffers as a result. It is therefore best to always use a rich shaving product of your choice. What exactly you use is up to you, whether shaving foam, shaving gel, olive oil or shower gel - the main thing is that it "slips" so that the razor can glide gently over the skin.
  • razor

Of course, sharp, fresh blades and a good razor are also important for a thorough and gentle shave. If you have been using your old blades for more than 2 weeks, we recommend that you change them before you shave. With conventional razors from the drugstore with replaceable heads, however, it is always a major environmental burden when millions of people throw away their razor heads every few weeks. Most safety razors and the SHAVENT, on the other hand, do not use interchangeable heads, but standard blades, which are not only cheap, but also do not cause any plastic waste and thus protect the environment. So you can often treat your skin to new, sharp blades without a guilty conscience. Because we think great, smooth legs and well-groomed skin are also possible without harming the planet!

The shave:

After you have prepared your legs for shaving, you can now start with the real thing - the leg shave.

  • direction of growth

This is where opinions differ and you will hear a lot of different opinions about it. It is best to try out what is most comfortable for you. Basically, shaving in the direction of growth is gentler and gentler, but a few stubble may remain. Shaving against the grain is more irritating to your skin, but the result is more thorough.

If your hair is particularly long, we recommend shaving first in the direction of growth to remove the coarsest, and then against the direction of growth for a wonderfully smooth result without unduly stressing the skin.

  • Take your time

Don't apply too much pressure and shave at a normal pace to avoid additional irritation of the skin and to avoid cuts or minor injuries. You'll see, your skin will thank you. Also, while you are shaving, keep rinsing the shaver under warm running water to remove all hair and soap residue.

The follow-up:

After shaving, there are a few tips to give your legs the right care and shine so that you can enjoy your smooth legs.

  • Cold water
Immediately after shaving, you can run your legs under cold water to close the pores and avoid skin irritation. Basically, the change from warm to cold water is great for blood circulation and tightening of your skin!
  • Care

No matter how gently and carefully you shaved your legs, hair removal always puts a strain on your skin. To soothe and disinfect them, you should apply either an aftershave lotion or your favorite body lotion to them after shaving. You should make sure that it is not too heavily perfumed, as this can irritate sensitive skin in particular. 

Also avoid direct sun and very tight pants after shaving! The skin is still sensitive and should be given time to settle down before being exposed to direct radiation or friction. 


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