Do you want a gentle chest shave without skin irritation?

Hair or no hair - that is the question! Some love a hairy man's chest, some like it smooth!

If you have discovered breast shaving for yourself or would like to start with it, then the SHAVENT is the ideal "tool" for a breast as smooth as a baby's butt without skin irritation.

man shaves breast with Shavent safety razor

We have put together a few useful tips & tricks for you for an optimal breast shave:

Natural softener🚿

The ideal place to shave your chest is in your shower. The warm water makes the hair stand up and become softer. Before you tackle the baldness on your chest, use the shaving soap or shaving gel of your choice and lather your chest. Give the foam about a minute to take effect.

Great things take time⏳

After letting the foam do its magic, you can simply use the SHAVENT in the desired direction of your hair aka. shave with the grain. Take your time with your shave and reduce the shaving speed on sensitive areas such as your nipples.

After the shave is before the shave🔄

After shaving, carefully dry your chest with a soft towel without rubbing. Apply a mild aftershave as usual to prevent skin irritation.

Extra tip: If you think of a full-grown grizzly bear 🐻 when you see your chest fur, you can trim your proud chest before wet shaving. Every razor glides better over short hair and prevents your chest hair from getting caught, which would only irritate the skin unnecessarily.

Happy Shaving!

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