How do you prevent razor bumps?

Help! razor bump! - What can I do against it?

Hair removal stresses our skin, compared to epilation or waxing, wet shaving is the gentlest for sensitive skin. But here, too, micro-injuries can occur, bacteria can penetrate, and the hated red pimples appear. We actually wanted smooth, beautiful skin right away, and now the pimples have to go!
The unloved shaving pimples occur particularly frequently in the intimate area, the bikini zone and under the armpits, but the small annoying beasts also appear on the upper and inner thighs. A warm, humid climate favors the development and sweat also irritates the stressed skin after shaving.

Lotion After shaveThe best thing is not to let razor bumps develop in the first place. The following tips will help you:

  • Never use the wet shaver on dry skin! Always use a gentle shower gel, solid or a mild soap and wet the skin well beforehand - if you let the foam work in beforehand, you are also doing your skin something good

  • Change the blades regularly! Blunt ones pull the hair out instead of cutting it off cleanly and put extreme strain on our skin! They are one of the most common causes of skin irritation after shaving. 

  • Shorten long hair with scissors beforehand so that it does not get caught in the razor. Shave particularly sensitive areas first in the direction of hair growth, then carefully against the grain

  • After shaving, carefully dry the skin without rubbing - then apply a mild care product without alcohol to the skin. IMPORTANT: Do not apply deodorant until the skin is completely dry

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing immediately after the shave, hats after the head shave or lace underwear after the intimate shave are particularly nasty

  • Extra tip: Do not shave immediately before exercising, sweat is salty and promotes the formation of razor bumps

If the razor bumps are already there, only damage limitation helps. I have the following tips for you:

  • Do not scratch or even try to pop the razor bumps! This makes the pimples worse and they can only really become inflamed.
  • A cooling gel made from e.g. aloe vera calms and has an antibacterial effect
  • Avoid tight clothing and lace whenever possible
  • Just be patient - and put in new blades for the next shave. Then your skin will be your friend again in no time

Don't worry, the pimples usually disappear on their own after a short time. It's best to leave them alone.

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