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Skin irritation after shaving

Do you have sensitive skin?
Then you unfortunately know the problem that after shaving red pimples occur that may burn or itch...
Do you have sensitive skin?
Then you unfortunately know the problem that after shaving red pimples occur, which may burn or itch.
This Hautirritations arise when shaving as a result of micro-injuries to the skin into which bacteria can penetrate, causing small pimples which, in the worst case, can even become inflamed.
Tread particularly often the unloved razor bumps on the neck, in the intimate area and the bikini zone.
Most of the time these disappear Hautirritations very quickly on its own, but it would be best if not to let the pimples develop in the first place.
The following tips will help you:
- Never use blunt blades!
- Blunt blades pull hair out instead of cutting it cleanly
- Shorten long hair with scissors beforehand so that they do not get caught in the razor
- Never use the wet razor on dry skin
- Never shave without shaving foam or gel
- Prepare sensitive skin for shaving: moisten well with warm water, possibly place a cloth with warm water on top, apply foam or gel and leave on for at least a minute
- Shave particularly sensitive areas in the direction of hair growth, not against the grain
- After shaving, carefully dry the skin without rubbing
- Then apply a mild care product without alcohol to the skin
- Do not apply deodorant until the skin is completely dry
- Do not shave immediately before exercising, sweat is salty and promotes the formation of razor bumps
- Avoid tight-fitting clothing immediately after shaving
- Change the blades regularly!
Our SHAVENT razor has 3 blades that are very close to each other, which guarantees an extraordinarily gentle and skin-friendly shave, without any plastic.