Mann rasiert Glatze mit Shavent

The best tips for a gentle bald shave - SHAVENT and BETTERBEBOLD will tell you

Together with the experts from betterbebold , we'll tell you how you can shave your bald head perfectly and gently.

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One person's hair is slowly becoming less and so he shaves it, while the other simply finds it stylish: a bald head. It can look incredibly impressive and is an aesthetic distinguishing feature, but only if it is shaved as smooth as a mirror! You don't want to do things by halves, do you?

Together with the experts from betterbebold, we'll tell you how you can shave your bald head perfectly and gently.  

 1) Before shaving:

The best way to soften your hair is to wash it with warm water and a mild shampoo, such as this nourishing bald head shampoo from betterbebold, wash. In this way you remove excess oil from the skin and at the same time ensure that your pores open and your hair becomes softer. This helps make shaving smoother and prevents skin irritation.

If your hair is still too long to shave, you can trim it a little beforehand. This means the razor catches every hair right above the root and you don't have to shave over one area more often, which could irritate your skin.


Glatzenrasur mit dem Shavent2) While shaving:

Be sure to use a natural and nice foaming shaving product. It allows the razor to glide more gently over your skin, reduces friction and also brings your hair into the correct position and direction. For optimal effect, it is best to let your shaving product take effect for a short time. Our SHAVENT Shave&Shower Pflegeserie is great for this. Both the gel and the shaving soap create a nice film on your scalp and protect you from possible skin irritations while shaving your head.  

Since you can easily use inexpensive half blades from a brand of your choice with our SHAVENT, you always have high-quality, sharp blades that are optimal for you. Feel free to try out which ones you get along with best and change them regularly. This is very important for a comfortable head shave. Pulling hairs are history💪.

Be sure to start with the SHAVENT with less pressure than you might be used to with your old system razor and let the weight of our high-quality metal razor work for you. You won't even notice you're shaving, it's so gentle.

For the perfect, baby-bottom-smooth result, we also recommend that you first shave in the direction of hair growth and then, for the finishing touches, against it. 


3) After shaving:

Care for your skin after shaving and help it regenerate. With the high-quality, natural and sustainable products from betterbebold you have the optimal choice. For the Example this nourishing and mattifying baldness care by betterbebold, we can warmly recommend it to you. 

If you shave in the shower, we advise you to rinse your scalp with cold water afterwards. In this way you remove the remaining hair and shaving foam and at the same time have the effect that your pores can close again and your skin can calm down.

Especially in summer it is very important to have the right ones sun protection to think. By the way, it's also available at betterbebold😉!


So: put an end to stubble or irregular hair growth and treat yourself to the bald shave of your life with the nourishing products from betterbebold and the stylish SHAVENT. You won't want to let any other combination touch your head again, I promise😉!