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Your sustainable bathroom - tips for a green care routine

We'll show you how you can use these tips to transform your bathroom into a sustainable oasis of well-being without sacrificing comfort and style.

Every now and then we all turn to the plastic version of the products we need in the bathroom out of convenience, even though there are already so many environmentally friendly alternatives. A green bathroom is so light and has great potential for, in the truest sense of the word, sustainable changes!

From environmentally friendly toothbrushes to plastic-free care products - we'll show you how you can use these tips to transform your bathroom into a sustainable oasis of well-being without sacrificing comfort and style.

Tip 1: Dental care:

Zahnbürste aus Bambus

Out with the plastic toothbrush, in with the bamboo toothbrush. A toothbrush should be changed at least every three months. There comes a lot of plastic and it's worth switching to other materials. You can also easily use toothpaste from a jar or toothpaste tablets to make your teeth shine in a way that conserves resources. This may take some getting used to at first, but soon you won't want to be without this sustainable alternative anymore. By the way, plastic dental floss has recently become completely natural, made from corn😉. 

Tip 2: Cotton products:


Cotton pads contain plastic fibers, their packaging is made of plastic and the production uses a lot of water. So they are absolutely not environmentally friendly! It is better to use reusable cotton pads made of terry cloth or similar and simply wash them after use. Instead of cotton buds with plastic handles, you can simply use wooden ones.

Tip 3: Monthly hygiene:

On average, a woman uses around 20-30 tampons and pads during her period. You can imagine how much waste and costs this creates. Period underwear is a much more sustainable and cheaper alternative to classic panty liners, tampons, etc. They are hygienic, comfortable to use and can be easily washed after use. After a short period of getting used to it, menstrual cups are also a super environmentally friendly alternative to tampons. 

Tip 4: (Hair) washing products: 

Feste Seife

Every shampoo, shower gel or facial cleansing product is packaged in an incredible amount of plastic. We change these utensils almost once a month. This creates a lot of plastic waste that can easily be avoided. It is better to use solid shampoo and shower gel, as well as conditioner or conditioner. This is more sustainable and also more productive. Facial cleansing is also available as a solid version, simply lather up, rinse off and you're done. Add a chic soap bag or a coaster and your bathroom will have new, stylish and, above all, sustainable accessories. 

Tip 5: Cosmetics and hygiene:

Make sure that your cosmetics and make-up are vegan and cruelty-free. You can also easily switch from plastic packaging to glass for face creams or the like and thus reduce your plastic waste. There are also many alternatives to environmentally harmful deodorant made from aluminum bottles. Deodorant cream, whether firm or soft, or deodorant sticks from a paper packaging, test yourself and see what you get along with best. Also, throw away your plastic hairbrush and replace it with a nicer one made of wood or bamboo. 

Tip 6: Shave: 

Shavent Rasierseife und Rasiergel

There are many environmentally friendly and waste-saving alternatives to drugstore razors. Here too, you have to decide which one is best for you. Would you rather use the classic stiff plane with a double-edged razor blade or the SHAVENT with a comfortable swing head that allows you to easily change your half blades yourself without any loss of comfort. Both versions save a lot of waste compared to classic drugstore razors, as no interchangeable heads have to be thrown away. The SHAVENT is also a super elegant eye-catcher in your sustainable bathroom. You can also easily save plastic when it comes to shaving care products. Our SHAVENT Shave&Shower Serie consists of a super creamy shaving gel that you can mix yourself with a stylish glass bottle and a great foaming solid soap and a soap dish. Both products are super nourishing and leave the skin feeling nice and supple.  

And tip 7: Very simple: save water as much as possible and always turn off the lights 😉!