Set 3 x SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar
Set 3 x SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar


Set 3 x SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar

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2in1 Shaving Care

The rich care in shaving soap form for your plastic-free shaving experience from head to toe

This is why you will love the SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar:

✅ Perfect smooth base for your plastic-free shave
✅ Suitable for shaving all over the body, including sensitive areas
✅ Rich, soap-free care that does not dry out your skin
✅ Creamy foam, fresh & subtle scent of a gentle mountain breeze
✅ Plastic-free, mineral oil-free, vegan, GMO-free

Rich shaving care, whether face or body - for men, women, everyone


The special twist

Our SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar is not a "normal" shaving soap.

Because normal shaving soaps have always left our skin feeling dry and tight. That's why we developed the SHAVE & SHOWER BAR to be soap-free and pH-neutral to the skin. So it does not attack the natural protective barrier of your skin and leaves a well-groomed, smooth feeling long after the shave.

Thanks to its soap-free, pH-neutral formula, it also gently cares for sensitive skin, even while you are shaving.

Enjoy like that creamy foam the SHAVE & SHOWER BAR Makes your SHAVENT shave even gentler from head to toe and provides your skin with rich moisture. The bar brings you the valuable care of peach butter and sweet almond oil, packed in subtle scent of a clear breeze in the Alps.

Particularly suitable for shaving with a metal razor such as the SHAVENT - the fresh blades glide gently over every skin area without any rubber or "gliding strips".

Enjoy the subtle scent of a clear alpine breeze.

For face and body, for men, women, everyone - just like the SHAVENT itself, our SHAVE & SHOWER series is unisex with its care and its gentle, clear fragrance. The valuable ingredients care for all types of skin and also prevent razor burn and skin irritation on all parts of the body, from head to toe - even on sensitive areas.

Made with ❤️ in Italy.

You can lather the Solid Shaving Bar by hand or with a brush - at the sink or simply under the shower. Apply the foam to the area of skin to be shaved, rinse off the soapy hand briefly and shave gently and safely. Rinse with cool water after shaving, done!

Enjoy the fresh, clear scent of a mountain breeze every day!

No shave today? the SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar is also wonderfully cleansing and caring as a solid shower gel and facial soap.

Store in a cool, dry place before using for the first time. Once used, use up the soap quickly.

3x 75g, 6.5cm diameter

Razor, bowl and other decoration not included

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Lässt sich gut aufschäumen, angenehmer Duft

Christian V.
So nachhaltig wie möglich Eincremen zur Rasur

Für mich war es eine Umstellung vom Rasiergel aus der Tube zurück auf das Stück, geht aber gut! Auch unterwegs sehr praktisch! Ein nachhaltiger Behälter zum Transport auf Reisen wäre schön!

Lieber Christian, vielen Dank für Deine Bewertung. Wir sind glücklich, wenn Du es bist und freuen uns, dass die Umstellung dennoch gut geklappt hat. :) Deinen Wunsch bzgl. eines Behälters gebe ich intern gern einmal weiter, vielen Dank hierfür und weiterhin tolle Rasuren :) Beste Grüße, Tamara von SHAVENT

Nadine D.
Hätte schon viel eher wechseln müssen 🤩

Geht viel schneller als mit dem elektrischen Rasierer und ist rundum eine saubere Sache 😁

Liebe Nadine, vielen Dank für Dein großartiges Feedback Das freut uns wirklich sehr! Beste Grüße, Tamara