The Right to Repair🔧: Why it's important to make products more durable and repairable

You've probably often heard the sentence yourself: "It's no longer worth repairing because it's too expensive. Better buy something new!"

Unfortunately, it is often cheaper to buy new products than to repair the old ones. Old goods can often not be repaired at all and therefore something new is purchased. But that is neither sustainable nor customer-friendly.

- 77% of EU citizens would rather repair their devices than replace them, according to a Eurobarometer survey -

The European Parliament wants to enforce a right to repair!

Obstacles to more sustainable consumption are mainly the high repair costs, which make repairs hardly seem profitable for a user. The price of a new product is often not much higher than replacing a spare part or having the device repaired. The so-called obsolescence also complicates the ecological handling of products. The concept here is that many goods are designed to wear out quickly or even break down and in addition the components cannot be replaced as they are too permanent and not interchangeable.

The goal of the right to repair is to make goods more durable and repairable. Customers of a brand, or buyers of a product, should have access to spare parts and the right tools to replace them themselves if necessary.

In addition, repair has great potential for resource conservation and climate protection. If only individual parts are replaced, less energy and fewer materials are used.

With the SHAVENT, we have focused on a long service life and repairability right from the start.

  • Longevity is one of our most important principles, because we want you to enjoy your SHAVENT for a long time😊. That's why we rely on durable materials and clever design. The SHAVENT is made using the zinc die-casting process and zinc will last a lifetime. The mechanism of the SHAVENT is also designed accordingly, so that you can enjoy your SHAVENT oscillating head razor for decades!
  • That's exactly what we offer right from the start three different sets of spare parts in our shop. If the small parts that hold the large components together wear out after a few years, we don't think that's a reason to dispose of a completely intact product! That is why we have used all these parts in such a way that you can easily replace them yourself at home.

A long service life and the ability to repair a product are not only extremely important from an ecological point of view, but also the best and most sustainable way for you personally👏!

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