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Is that correct? - The most common myths about shaving and what's really behind them

We explain why most shaving myths are untrue and what you should pay attention to instead.  

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Are you familiar with that?

  • "After shaving, hair grows back faster and thicker!"


  • "You cut yourself faster with sharp blades!" 


You have probably heard or read these and many other myths about shaving. 

We'll explain why most of them aren't true and what you should look out for instead.  

Mythos 1: 

"Pressing firmly results in a closer shave."

This rumor is not correct at all, in fact it is very harmful to your skin. High pressure increases the risk of cutting extremely and irritates your skin unnecessarily. Better use the weight of your razor. This way you don't strain your skin, but simply cut the hair off directly above the skin. With the SHAVENT, for example, the weight is completely sufficient to achieve a thorough and, above all, gentle shave. 

Mythos 2:

"A shave makes a summer tan fade faster". 

This is also incorrect, because the summer tan cannot be removed by shaving. She is caused by exposure of the skin to UV rays, which increase the production of melanin, resulting in a darker complexion. The melanin is produced in the upper layers of the skin and cannot be removed simply by shaving the hairs on the skin. On the contrary, shaving can even improve a summer tan and make it more even because you remove dead skin cells.

Mythos 3:

"Shaving cream is not necessary, instead water is sufficient".

If you are in a hurry in summer, you can only wet your legs in an emergency and then shave. But otherwise you should not do without shaving foam or gel. Both preserve skin moisture and protect against irritation. Don't use soap, which tends to dry you out. 

Mythos 4:

"After shaving, hair grows back thicker, faster and darker".

It's a common misconception that hair grows back darker and faster after shaving. In reality, shaving does not change the natural color and texture of the hair, rather genetics and hormones affect growth. If hair appears thicker or darker after shaving, it's probably because shaving cuts the hair in a blunt manner where it emerges from the skin, and it therefore ends up appearing thicker. It is also possible that the feeling of hair growing back faster after shaving is due to the fact that the hair grows softer and is less noticeable the longer it grows. However, after shaving, they feel dull and rigid, which can make them feel like they're growing faster. 

Mythos 5:

"You shouldn't shave sensitive areas like the bikini line yourself at home."

You should absolutely not let this myth unsettle you. You can shave any part of your body in the comfort of your own home. Your razor should have sharp blades and also be flexible for a more comfortable shave. If you now use shaving gel and moisturize your skin afterwards, nothing can go wrong.

Mythos 6: 

"New, sharp blades cause more cuts than dull ones".

In fact, just the opposite is the case. Sharp blades are significantly safer than blunt blades as they require less pressure to remove hair cleanly. Blunt blades, on the other hand, can pull at hair and tug at skin, which can lead to irritation and injuries.

Mythos 7: 

"A shave against the grain is closer".

A shave against the grain can be closer because the hair is cut to a shorter length, resulting in a smoother shave. However, shaving against the grain can also lead to skin irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts, especially if the skin is sensitive. In our experience, when shaving with sharp blades, a great result can also be achieved with the direction of growth, so there is no need to risk skin irritation.

There are many other shaving myths that still circulate. But honestly, a lot of them are just not correct!

So ditch those shaving rumors and follow our tips to get a great shave. Your skin will thank you✨!