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SHAVENT: Simply shave better

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Are you also stuck in the "cheap handle, expensive blades" system?

Have you ever calculated?

How much money do you spend every year on the replaceable heads of your drugstore razor?

Over the years (according to a 2018 Gillette survey, 76% of men shave for the first time between the ages of 14 and 17) it adds up to quite a lot.

in just 5 years of regular shaving that is

at average Blade change frequency (every 2-3 weeks)

You can do the math yourself here

Put an end to this now!

Get rid of blade cartridges

The SHAVENT puts an end to blade cartridge dependency

With the high-quality SHAVENT metal razor, you only replace what wears out: the razor blades.

You can buy the right standard blades from many brands at low cost, because they have been used in razors and barber shops for decades.

A blade change only costs ~15 cents instead of many euros!


So the SHAVENT pays for itself

Clever blades, full of comfort

Full flex head comfort

The SHAVENT offers all the advantages of a modern shave: the flexible head with the 3 blades adapts to every contour and ensures excellent shaving results, both on the face and on the whole body.

For the smoothest shaving result and less skin irritation!

Quality you can feel

Premium, durable, elegant

The SHAVENT is fully designed for durability. Made in Germany with the highest quality, it not only completely dispenses with unsightly and unstable plastic and rubber deposits - its high-quality chrome surface also makes it a visual pleasure.

Quality that lasts.

Test now

Satisfied or 30 days money back

Thousands of customers are already convinced of the SHAVENT shave. You are too or you will get your money back.

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That's what SHAVENT users say

What can I say: WoW. Saw it on TV, thought long and hard about whether I should afford it. From the order to the service to the product, everything was worth every penny. GREAT PRODUCT, GREAT IDEA - Thank you for this razor.

Thorsten S.



Thanks to the smooth-running flex head, the SHAVENT offers a safe, thorough and gentle shave for the face, head and body, including the intimate area (for both men and women).

With the SHAVENT you shave as usual - it's easy to use and you hardly have to change.

The only difference is that you need less pressure, which makes your skin happy.

As a rule of thumb: with a plastic razor you press as you write with a ballpoint pen, with a metal razor you only use the same pressure as you write with a Stabilo pen / fineliner.


The SHAVENT uses standard razor blades. The so-called half blades or "single edge blades" have been used in straight razors for decades and there are many brands available to buy at low cost in our shop, on the large online marketplaces and in specialist shops. Every blade change costs only a few cents instead of many euros and a supply for years fits into the smallest corner of a bathroom drawer.

As with all razors, this depends on your individual shave - but the rule of thumb is: just as often or less often than before.

With the big difference that from now on you save unnecessary waste and hard cash every time you change the blade.

So that you can follow it closely, we have created a blog article with instructions and a video.


The SHAVENT razor is manufactured using high-quality precision zinc die-casting, a process used for parts that should be functional and beautiful at the same time. The surface finish in bright chrome ensures visual brilliance.

Our parts are cast in Thuringia, elaborately polished (with many steps still done by hand!), galvanized (i.e. chrome-plated) and assembled, checked and packaged in Bavaria (Munich).

SHAVENT is Made with ❤️ in Germany.

In Germany alone, up to FIVE HUNDRED MILLION blade cartridges end up in the residual waste in just one year. That's the weight of the Statue of Liberty in New York - TIMES THIRTEEN!

We developed the SHAVENT razor because we were shocked by the amount of waste and plastic we produce around the world when wet shaving year after year. Existing low-waste alternatives such as safety razors or knives did not convince us in our own use and so we developed the SHAVENT razor - sustainability without sacrificing comfort or elegance.

Quite simpe: try the SHAVENT at home up to 30 days - not satisfied? Then write to us, send the SHAVENT back free of charge and get your purchase price refunded. You can find more details HERE.

Do you still have questions about SHAVENT?

Then look at our FAQ or contact us here - we are here to help!