Shaving with oil

For a perfect result of your Nassrasur there are several options. We from SHAVENT have tested some. You have to find the best one for yourself.
The wet razor We advise against using it only with water or even on dry skin. on dry skin is the danger of injuries too big, and the blades would dull far too quickly. The razor would not glide well on wet skin without any additional means, and the risk of injury should not be underestimated here either.
Shaving shouldn't be a nuisance, it should also be a little fun.
Before using the wet razor, you should prepare your skin for the shave. You can simply lather your wet skin with your hands with your shower gel. Or you can use a shaving brush to apply shaving foam to the areas you want to shave.
But that's not all! There is also another option:
Try shaving with oil!
There is something special for this in stores shaving oil to buy. However, we tried it with normal olive oil from the kitchen! Olive oil is good for the skin, it is also contained in many creams and cosmetic products. So why shouldn't it be good for shaving too?
To try it out, take a small bowl of olive oil with you into the bathroom. Later, you can fill a small amount of olive oil into a bottle so that you have it on hand in the bathroom.
For the Beer races we tested two options.
1. The oil on the wet skin apply and massage in. Then the wet razor glide over the skin. You'll see it runs so easily over the skin that you don't even feel the shaving. Shave sensitive areas first in the direction of hair growth, then carefully against the grain.
2. The oil on the dry skin Massage in and shave without water, just wet the razor from time to time. The razor glides super easily over the skin and you don't feel a scratching noise with this method either, nothing. The same applies here: shave sensitive areas first in the direction of hair growth, then carefully against the grain.
After shaving, you should wash or shower off the oil with shower gel or soap so that the skin does not remain too greasy and so that the remaining oil does not end up in the towel.
What remains is wonderfully smooth and supple, soft, well-groomed skin.
No creaming.
You should use your wet shaver after the Shaving with oil Rinse very well with hot water so that the oil is removed and the shaved hairs or dead skin do not stick to the blades.
CAUTION. You should definitely clean the floor of the shower or bathtub after shaving with oil, because the oil makes it very smooth and there are very large ones Slipping!
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