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Travel size: SHAVENT Compact, the handy metal shaver for travel / shower Travel size: SHAVENT Compact, the handy metal shaver for travel / shower
Save 17%
SHAVENT Set Rasierschale und Solid shaving Bar, Rasierseife SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife
Save 23%
SHAVENT Rasierpflege Set, Spender und Shaving Gel, Rasiergel SHAVENT Rasiergel, Rasiergelspender aus Glas
SHAVENT starke Haare Set mit Perma Sharp Klingen, starke Haare SHAVENT hochwertiges Metall, kein Plastik, nachhaltig, kein Gummi
Save 7%
SHAVENT Rundumset, Schwingkopf-Rasierer mit Derby Klingen SHAVENT flexibler Kopf, gründliche und sichere Rasur von Kopf bis Fuß
Basis-Set: SHAVENT Schwingkopf-Rasierer, inkl. Standfuß SHAVENT Schwingkopf giphy

Gifts - sets to give away

Finding the perfect gift can be a real challenge. Especially when you want to give someone a gift who already has everything. But don't worry, you are not alone. Many people face the same question every year: What do I give someone who already has everything?

The next time you face this challenge, we have the solution for you: our SHAVENT set. Because the SHAVENT is the perfect gift for anyone who wants the perfect shave. Regardless of whether it is important to you to use less plastic in everyday life or whether you would simply like a beautiful piece of jewelry for your daily routine in the bathroom - the SHAVENT is the answer.

Our most popular all-round set contains everything you need for a perfect shave: an elegant, plastic-free safety razor with a flexible head made of rustproof metal, high-quality blades and an elegant storage box. The SHAVENT is not only more environmentally friendly than conventional razors, it also ensures a thorough and gentle shave. Thanks to the sharp blades and the ergonomic design of the razor, it glides gently over the skin and leaves a smooth result.

And the best thing is: both the SHAVENT and the SHAVENT shaving care products are equally suitable for men and women. Whether as a gift for your partner, best friend or father - with the SHAVENT you are guaranteed to make everyone happy. So, what are you waiting for? Give your loved ones the perfect shave and show them how important they are to you. With our SHAVENT set you are definitely on the safe side.