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  • Pure elegance with the simplicity of classic razor blades, this is how the perfect sustainable shave works for face and body!

    - Playboy

  • the Shavent is my current favorite swing head shaver and is made of 100% metal.

    - Barber Trends

  • INNOVATIVE - The SHAVENT swing head razor makes it easy to switch to a completely plastic-free shave and suitable for everyday use.

    - HARVEST Magazine

  • Soft and safe

    the smooth-running oscillating head adapts perfectly to every body contour.

    - the Curvy Magazin

  • Looks like science fiction and vintage at the same time -fantastic!

    - Dave Shaves - Instagram

  • I've used this new razor from SHAVENT several times now and I'm absolutely convinced! No comparison to our safety razor.

    - Nadine Schubert Better life without plastic

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Our SHAVENT razor sets

For wet shaving at a new level - modern shaving as comfortable as usual thanks to the flexible razor head and three blades, combined with the value, independence and elegance of the metal razor.

Our SHAVE & SHOWER shaving care

Full of comfort, caring from head to toe, no disposable plastic - that's how shaving care works today.

Clever razor blades & elegant accessories

Inexpensive standard blades put an end to the rage on replaceable heads in front of the drugstore shelf. Together with our elegant, high-quality and durable accessories, real shaving pleasure is created on a new level.

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