SHAVENT Rasiergel, SHAVE & SHOWER Rasurpflege Set
SHAVENT Rasiergel, Pumpspender, Händewaschen, Shaving gel
SHAVENT Rasiergel, Pumpspender Glasflasche, Händewaschen, Shaving gel
Schütteln und rasieren, SHAVENT Rasiergel, Hinweise
SHAVENT Rasiergel, SHAVE & SHOWER Rasurpflege Set, Papierpackung, Papiertüte

SHAVE & SHOWER - Shaving Gel

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2in1 Shaving Care

Your light shaving gel for face and body - simple, caring and plastic-free at the same time

This is why you will love the SHAVENT Shaving Gel:

✅ Fine shaving gel for your plastic-free shave - quickly applied, quickly rinsed off, especially practical in the shower
✅ Light, soap-free care that does not dry out your skin - also perfect as a shower gel
✅ Suitable for shaving all over the body, including sensitive areas
✅ No cans, no plastic packaging, space-saving stock - simply make powder into gel with water in the soap dispenser
✅ Plastic-free, mineral oil-free, vegan, GMO-free

Light powder shaving gel to shake yourself. With a subtle, clear scent of cleanliness - nurturing from head to toe.


The special twist

Do you like it easy and quick to shave without sacrificing care? Then our shaving gel is just right for you!

With its light texture, the fine shaving and shower gel can be applied effortlessly to large areas and rinsed off quickly and easily - even from your hands, so that your SHAVENT feels even better in your hand!

The SHAVENT Shaving Gel is soap-free and pH-neutral. It also cares for and soothes sensitive skin, even while shaving.

As a nourishing film on the skin It ensures optimal gliding of the blades and is calming at the same time: it is pH skin-neutral with nourishing wheat protein extract, which protects the natural acid layer of your skin and makes the hair to be shaved softer. Valuable betaine also soothes sensitive skin and preserves moisture.

By the way: thanks to the caring properties of the wheat protein, the gel is also ideal as a beard shampoo / beard wash.

Enjoy the subtle scent of cleanliness.

For face and body, for men, women, everyone - our SHAVE & SHOWER series is unisex with its care and its gentle, clear fragrance. The valuable ingredients care for all types of skin and also prevent razor burn and skin irritation on all parts of the body, including sensitive areas.

Canned shaving gel? Pah, nobody needs that much packaging waste!

The shaving gel for your plastic-free shaving experience comes to you in powder form in paper. Simply mix with water and you have ~200 ml of fine shaving gel.

Made with ❤️ in Germany.

Preparation: How to turn powder into gel

Shavent Shaving Gel Anleitung

  1. ~ Pour 200ml of water into an empty bottle (soap dispenser) that is at least 250ml in size.

  2. Add a sachet of Shave & Shower Gel powder and close the bottle.

  3. Shake & wait 3 min. Your shaving gel is ready.

    Note: Bottle may foam over.


    Simply apply to wet skin like shower gel, shave, rinse off, done!

    Enjoy the fresh clear scent every day!

    No shave today? Use it as a mild cleansing, nourishing shower gel and enjoy the mild cleansing every day!

    Store in a cool, dry place, use up the finished shaving gel quickly.

    16g powder for ~200ml gel

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    Daniel H.



    Top + Qualität + sehr zufrieden


    Wie immer sehr gut in der Anwendung.

    Oliver A.

    Ich bin mit dem Gel sehr zufrieden. Wenn es jetzt noch eine Reisegröße geben würde dann gibt es 5 Sterne

    Lieber Oliver, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback! Uhhh, das ist aber einen guten Tipp :) Ich werde es am Romy und Armin weiterleiten. Liebe Grüße, Lorenza von SHAVENT