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Shaving foam versus shaving gel - what are the advantages?

We have summarized the differences between shaving foam and shaving gel for you based on various factors. 

Shaving foam and shaving gel are two different products that can be used when shaving. Both are designed to protect the skin and make shaving easier by moisturizing the skin and softening the hair. At first glance they seem quite similar, but:

What are the differences between shaving foam and shaving gel? 

We have summarized the differences for you based on various factors and at the end we will introduce you to our Shave & Shower shaving gel. 


  • The Consistency: 

Shaving cream has a light, airy consistency and is applied from an aerosol can, while shaving gel has a thicker, gel-like consistency and is usually applied from a tube or bottle with a pump.

  • The humidity:

Shaving gel tends to contain more moisturizing ingredients than shaving cream, which helps keep skin better hydrated while you shave.

  • The transparency:

Shaving gel is usually transparent so you can see where you are shaving, while shaving cream is more opaque.

  • The applicability:

Shaving cream is easier to apply as it comes from an aerosol can and foams in the palm of your hand, while shaving gel is applied from a tube or bottle with a pump.

  • The skin tolerance:

Shaving gel may be better for those with sensitive skin as it has more moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera or glycerin contains and softens the hair more thoroughly.

  • The sustainability

Shaving cream is usually sold in a can made of aluminum or steel that must be thrown away after use. While these cans can be recycled, it is important to note that the manufacture and disposal of aluminum and steel products is energy intensive and can have environmental impacts. Shaving gel, on the other hand, is increasingly being sold as a powder that you can mix yourself. This is very sustainable and that is why the shaving gel clearly wins in terms of sustainability.


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