Spring Shave - Das solltest Du bei Deiner Rasur im Frühling beachten

Spring Shave - You should consider this when you shave in spring

In this blog post we give you some tips on what you should know about your skin in spring and how you can perfect your shave accordingly to keep your skin supple and healthy. 

The razor blade - manufacture and origin

Have you always wondered where the razor blade comes from and how it is made? You can find the answers in this blog post.
Stimmt das? - Die häufigsten Mythen über das Rasieren und was wirklich dahinter steckt

Is that correct? - The most common myths about shaving and what's really behind them

We explain why most shaving myths are untrue and what you should pay attention to instead.  
Tulpen auf einer Wiese SHAVENT nachhaltig rasieren

With these six tips you can start spring sustainably!

Can the burgeoning thirst for action to turn our lives upside down a bit in spring actually be implemented in a sustainable way? Naturally!  We will show you how you can playfully make your life a ...
Shavent Rasierer mit unterschiedlichen Muttern

It is well known that sharing is caring - does that also apply to a razor?

Do you share your razor with your partner? You can find out what speaks for and against it in this post.
Rasierseife Shavent

Shaving soap - The sustainable alternative to shaving foam from a can

We will show you why shaving soap is a great and sustainable option and how, with a little practice, it can become an integral part of your shaving routine.
Shavent, Rasierhobel Vor- und Nachteile, Alternativen

Safety razor: advantages and disadvantages, tips and alternatives like the SHAVENT

Here you can find out everything about the advantages and disadvantages, handling and sustainability of safety razors and whether the SHAVENT is the future of sustainable shaving.
Wald mit Schnee

Shaving in winter - this is how you get through the cold season gently

We will explain to you what changes in your skin in winter and how you can still have a pleasant shaving experience.
Shavent Rasierer

Shaving against the grain? - With these tips you'll do it right

We'll show you what you need to consider when shaving against the grain to minimize skin irritation.