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Intimate shaving for women – tips for a gentle shave of the intimate area

Razor bumps after shaving in the intimate area, itchy or burning spots? With us you will find a quick remedy.

In our blog article we explain to you what you should definitely pay attention to and how a gentle and thorough intimate shave can be easily done without any skin irritation.

The Advantages and disadvantages a brief explanation of an intimate shave:


  • An intimate shave (whether complete or partial) not only looks neat, but also reduces odors at the same time. This is because bacteria can no longer attach themselves to the hair so easily and cause an unpleasant odor.
  • In addition, monthly hygiene is a lot easier when the intimate area is shaved.
  • Daily cleaning is also easier and more thorough
  1. The delicate skin in a woman's intimate area can easily be injured by shaving, which is very painful and also uncomfortable.
  2. Once shaved, the hair grows back relatively quickly as stubble, which can be uncomfortable and annoying with tight underwear. Shaving again and again is the order of the day.

Your intimate shave - the right care is the be-all and end-all

The right care of the intimate area is the be-all and end-all - it is not important that you do a lot for it, but that you do the right thing. There are many bacteria on the mucous membranes in the intimate area of women, which are supposed to maintain the intimate flora and protect against pathogens. If you want to keep your intimate area clean and clean it too often with washing gels and the like, you often achieve exactly the opposite - numerous studies have already proven this. Because too much hygiene in the intimate area can wash away this natural protection and fungal infections can occur more easily.

Therefore: Less is more! It is best to gently cleanse your intimate area once a day with lukewarm water. Please do not use hot water as this can damage the protective barrier of the skin.

And who doesn't know it: razor bumps, redness, small cuts and razor burn - all of this will soon be a thing of the past if you follow a few rules before, during and after the shave.

The preparation: What you before of shaving should be considered

  • Take enough time for your intimate shave and make sure that there is enough exposure. Use a small mirror to help.
  • It is best to take a relatively warm shower before intimate shaving or take a warm bath. Because warm water has two advantages: Your skin is cleansed, dirt and talc disappear, and your pores open. This softens your hair, which makes it much easier and easier to cut it off. 
  • Trim your hair a little beforehand if it has already grown relatively long, because this way the razor glides much better and can cut off any short hair directly above the skin. Whether you prefer to do this with a trimmer or scissors is of course up to you.

The implementation: what you while of shaving should be considered

  • Always use sharp, fresh blades to avoid skin irritation. So the razor doesn't "tug" at your hair (and that's very uncomfortable in the intimate area), but cuts your hair very gently. If you want to learn more about it: we have all the important information on the subject of "sharp blades" in one place blog post summarized.
  • Always use enough shaving foam or gel so that the razor can glide smoothly over your skin. Please never dry shave. It is best to use a pH-neutral, natural product, as this protects your sensitive intimate area. Ideally, your intimate wash lotion also contains lactic acid bacteria, so that the acidic environment of the vagina with a low pH of around 3.8 - 4.5 is created. Thanks to the acidic environment, pathogens can only grow poorly or not at all.
If you are still looking for suitable shaving products, these are SHAVE & SHOWER Produkte from SHAVENT definitely something for you. With our shaving gel and shaving soap without soap, we have paid attention to everything that is good for your skin and makes every shave a gentle experience.
  • Stretch your skin a little so that you have a smooth surface even on difficult skin folds. Then you can carefully start shaving and shave in the direction of growth. For a particularly thorough and smooth result, you can finally shave again against the direction of growth. If necessary, use a small mirror to help you.

If you already have a plastic-free razor, such as the SHAVENT simply use the weight of your razor and press very lightly. This way you won't cut yourself and your skin won't be irritated.

The follow-up: what you after of shaving should be considered

  • Rinse your intimate area with cold water after shaving to soothe your skin and remove soap and hair residue. The cold water causes the blood vessels to contract again and there is less redness and less itching.
  • Then carefully dry or dab your intimate area with a towel and avoid rubbing too hard on the shaved areas. Change your hand or bath towels regularly so that germs and bacteria don't stand a chance.
  • After the shave, always slip into fresh underwear, ideally made of cotton, and avoid wearing clothes that are too tight immediately after the shave.
  • Use a moisturizing care product or a mild after-shave lotion. It moisturizes your skin and helps it to regenerate. At the same time, the care prevents razor bumps and the like. In the intimate area, a neutral cream without alcohol or perfume is recommended.

If you follow these tips and rules, nothing should stand in the way of a gentle intimate shave and you will see that with a little practice you too can become masters of intimate shaving.