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Instead of consumer mania: Rather give sustainable gifts at Christmas 🎁

Especially during the Christmas season, when the focus should actually be on oneself and on spending time with loved ones, we instead focus on consumption and the hustle and bustle. But that need not be! The feast of love can also be celebrated sustainably.
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Actually, the Christmas season is about rest, peace and gratitude. But instead, this time is often characterized by stress and hectic.

Because of the many errands and all the stress in the run-up to Christmas, we often overlook the fact that we are particularly harmful to the environment during this time! Food waste, high electricity consumption due to the countless Christmas lights and unnecessarily luxurious gifts are not uncommon at this time of the year. 

We want to show you: There is another way! The festival of love can also be celebrated sustainably 🎄.

The criteria for a gift that is as sustainable as possible:

  • The most important point first: Always consider before making a purchase whether the person really uses and needs the giftA gift that the recipient does not want and will not use or enjoy is always a waste. A simple solution is to ask the person what they could use! If you don't want to ask directly, you can also ask family members, partners or friends. Or ask if there is anything the gift recipient uses regularly that could be renewed or replaced.
  • When purchasing your gift, if you short transport routes and regional producers pay attention save you very much CO2. Homemade cookies or spreads are particularly popular at Christmas. When buying, pay attention to organic and regional products and you will have a great, sustainable and homemade gift for your loved ones.
  • Likewise, a lasting gift should resource-saving be. That means: using existing resources, i.e. recycling and upcycling. Turning old into new has been a big trend in recent years. Whether bracelets made from fishing nets or furniture made from Euro pallets, there are countless beautiful upcycling ideas to give away.  
  • Biodegradable and reusability are also great criteria for an environmentally conscious gift. Gifts made of glass, paper, metal or wood are very suitable as these raw materials can be reused. A sustainable glass bottle, for example, is a great gift idea from this category. You avoid microplastics that could get into your body through plastic bottles and it also saves CO2 by drinking more tap water, since no water has to be bought that has unnecessarily long transport routes behind it.
  • Of course, sustainable gifts should too ecologically harmless, also plastic and chemical free be. As most people already know, avoiding waste and, above all, avoiding plastic is very important for our environment. For example, give away a cloth coated with beeswax. This is a super plastic-free alternative to cling film or aluminum foil. 
  • Ideally helps your gift even directly ours environment. With a bee or tree sponsorship, for example, you are giving away a sweet, personal contribution to protecting the environment.
  • Also on one TO DO You should pay attention to the production of your gift! Good working conditions and fair wages are important. Just look at the packaging of food here, the more specific the better. Fair trade chocolate is always well received and makes your loved ones especially happy during the "sweet" Christmas season.
  • Finally, a very important point: Longevity! And what's the first thing we think of at Shavent when we hear that word😉? Of course on our plastic-free, made with ❤️ in Germany, comfortable swing head shaver.

Of the Shavent is the ideal sustainable Christmas present!

It combines many important criteria for an environmentally conscious gift🎁. Noble design combined with a comfortable and above all plastic-free shave, also unisex and for the whole body😍. And as an added bonus, you can be sure that the recipient will use the shavent. Most people shave almost every day