Chemnitzer Zeitung - Vater-Tochter-Gespann erfinden Rasierer neu

Chemnitzer Zeitung - Father-daughter team reinvent razors

The Chemnitzer Zeitung reports about the family company SHAVENT and how the idea of the high-quality metal razor came about. The article also goes into the Chemnitz past of the founders, since Armi...
Shavent Gründer in Münchner Merkur

Müncher Merkur - SHAVENT: The idea from the shower

The Munich newspaper Merkur has published an article about the elegant metal razor SHAVENT! It is reported how exactly SHAVENT inventor Armin Seidel came up with the idea of the high-quality swing-...

UTOPIA - 12 things that last forever (and are also suitable as gifts)

A gift that lasts forever - this is how Utopia presented the SHAVENT in its article. You can find out why the SHAVENT wet razor is a sustainable alternative and also saves waste here:  https://uto...
Der SHAVENT in der GALA als pefektes Geschenk

Gala - SHAVENT: gift for fashion and beauty lovers

GALA knows why the SHAVENT is the perfect gift for fashion and beauty lovers and why it convinces with its durability as well as its value!
Amazon - Lerne von Frauen geführte Unternehmen kennen

Amazon - Get to know women-led companies

Amazon introduces women-led companies and reports on SHAVENT:
SHAVENT in der WELT an Black Friday

WORLD - These beauty discounts are worth it on Black Friday: Black Friday SHAVENT

Just in time for Black Friday, the world presented our limited edition in one article: the black “Diamond Like Carbon” razor.
SHAVENT im Männermagazin Not too old

NOT TOO OLD - SHAVENT: A razor for eternity

"A razor that can age gracefully with you." - this is how Kai Bösel describes our SHAVENT. In his article he reports in detail about his first shaving experience.

UNITEDNETWORKER - (Wo)Men in Black - the perfect gift for the holidays of SHAVENT

UNITEDNETWORKER has published an article about a very special Christmas present: The BLACK SHAVENT Limited Edition. Just in time for Black Friday, the exclusive razor could be purchased entirely in...
SHAVENT im Test bei ZEIT Magazin

ZEIT MAGAZIN - Vibrations when shaving

The creative director Mirko Bursche of the ZEIT magazine tested our SHAVENT and published an article about it. You can find out about his humorously described experience with the SHAVENT here:    ...