SHAVENT Starter Guide

Tip 1

Start with little pressure

No matter what area you shave: start with just a little pressure and let the pivoting head do the job. Approach your perfect shaving pressure - the less pressure you exert on the skin when shaving, the gentler the shave will be.

Tip 2

Rinsed & everything under control

The ergonomically shaped handle and the chrome surface of the SHAVENT provide a very good grip in combination with water and skin - there is a kind of "squeaking" on the surface so that it lies well and securely in the hand.

If your hand gets soapy, simply rinse it off whenever you hold the razor under water while you shave - you'll have everything under control again!

Tip 3

Always use a shaving agent

So that the "squeaking effect" mentioned does not also occur on the skin when shaving, you should always use a shaving product when shaving metal, e.g. shaving soap, a solid, shaving gel or simply shower gel. This ensures that the razor glides optimally on the skin.

Please do not use the SHAVENT with peeling, very crumbly or very tough shaving aids - these could impair the function of the flex head. If you want to use very viscous shaving agent, then rinse the SHAVENT very thoroughly afterwards and pump the flex head under water a few times to thoroughly remove any residue.

Tip 4

Treat yourself to fresh blades

You can swap the inexpensive standard blades for as little as 15 cents. So treat yourself and your skin to fresh blades more often - because with fresh blades you not only shave the most thoroughly, but also the most gently and say goodbye to skin irritations once and for all.

The change is very easy - You can find a video about it HERE.


The standard half blades or "single edge blades" are available from many manufacturers - in our shop, on the well-known online marketplaces, in some drugstores and in shaving and hairdressing shops. They are very compact and you can buy them in advance.

If you don't have any half blades at hand or you already have a favorite brand of "whole" blades, you can also use these classic double-edged blades - simply cut the paper lengthways with scissors (please do not break, so that there are no burrs).

Vary your usual vertical shaving line a little under the nose and shave under the nose across instead of lengthways, with light pressure from below on the nostrils - this way you should be able to reach every part of the skin.

Here is a short video to explain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VTsQUPl0yQ

Absolutely! Thanks to its flexible oscillating head and three blades, the SHAVENT is also ideal for gently shaving intimate areas - the same precautions apply as with conventional razors, of course.

Here, too, we have the best tips for you in one  blog article summarized.

No, nothing on the SHAVENT can rust.

If you see slight brownish traces when changing the blade for the first time, don't worry: these are deposits from the tap water and dead skin that can be easily removed with your finger.

You can also find all the details in this blog article.

You can find our complete FAQ here or write to us at contact@shavent.store