Blade test set - discover the variety


Blade test set - discover the variety

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Razor Blades

Blades are as important to shaving as oxygen is to your breathing! Find the perfect razor blade for your skin!

The blade is the connection between the SHAVENT and your skin and its importance cannot be overestimated!

To give you an initial feel for the perfect blade for your individual shaving experience, we have put together the three different blade brands that we offer in our shop in the blade test set. With 6 blades per brand for two blade changes, you can try it out at your leisure.


The special twist

Since the SHAVENT uses standard blades, you can of course also use many other blade brands and are completely independent of us and our recommendations. This blade test set is just a small selection of your options and gives you a feel for the different types of blades.

Do you already have a favorite brand of double-edged blades? No problem - you can simply cut these in half with scissors and use them in SHAVNET.

The set contains:

  • 6 blades Derby Professional - the thorough all-rounders are the perfect choice for the vast majority of cases. They shave directly and safely from head to toe, but are also "forgiving" for smaller bumps or pimples and are therefore also ideal for metal shaving beginners.

  • 6 blades Derby Premium - the premium blades from the Derby brand are also very good all-rounders for the face and body. According to the manufacturer, their additional coating makes them even more durable and is particularly recommended for daily use.

  • 6 The Perma Sharp blade - the sharpest blades in our range. The absolute professional blades go through even thick hair like butter and are therefore recommended for heavy beard growth as well as for head shaving. For shaving the rest of the body, we only recommend them for experienced users as they are really "forbidden" sharp.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Thomas A.
Gutes Teil

Durch den flexiblen Rasierkopf ein gutes Rasur ergebniss

Nils Z.
Einfach genial

Einfach genial, stimmt einfach alles. Sehr solides hochwertiges Gerät. Geht so glatt
über die Barthaare, das man glauben könnte, das es ohne Rasierklingen funktioniert. Entspanntes Gefühl für die Haut. Ich liebe es wenn ein Plan funktioniert.

Jürgen S.
Klingen Test Set

Ich teste gerade die letzten Klingen im Set und werde mich dann für ein Produkt endscheiden. Mit dem Shaven komme ich noch nicht gut zu recht.

Andy H.
Klingen Test Set

Das ist ein tolles Set zum Testen der Klingen, um herauszufinden, welche für einen persönlich am besten sind.