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6 mistakes when wet shaving - this is how you succeed very gently

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How a wet shave works is actually self-explanatory - isn't it? Maybe you know it too, sometimes it pulls here, sometimes you cut yourself there. Many would say that this is quite normal. But it is not! We will show you what you should pay attention to when you wet shave so that you get a pain-free, thorough shave.

In this blog article, we give you the 6 most common wet shaving mistakes that almost everyone has made at some point.

The most common mistakes when wet shaving and how you can do it better

Mistake #1: Poor preparation
This is actually one of the most common mistakes. Both men and women often spend too little time on shaving and, above all, on preparing for the shave. But exactly the preparation of your skin is super important so that you get a great result afterwards. Soak your skin in warm water before shaving, or take a warm shower or bath beforehand. This opens your pores and removes coarse dirt from the skin.

Mistake #2: Not using enough “lube”.
Many think that moistening the skin a little is enough, especially when things have to be done quickly. You're not doing your skin any favors with this - on the contrary! Small cuts and unpleasant shaving are inevitable here. So please always use enough shaving agent of your choice and water. This gives your razor the opportunity to glide very gently over your skin. Don't miss any patches of skin, no matter how annoying or difficult to reach.
So: Where there is no shaving product, there is no place for a razor blade!

Mistake #3: Using dull blades
Blunt blades often lead to cuts that can easily become inflamed and irritate your skin unnecessarily. Because they don't cut the hair finely and thoroughly, but rather tear your hair out. Many men and women use their razor blades for far too long out of habit and sometimes out of laziness. Therefore, always change your blades if you have the feeling that your shave no longer feels "round" or if it starts to pull. This can also be after the 4th shave, or only after 5 weeks. If you have a plastic-free razor like the SHAVENT, you can change the blades more often, because every change makes a huge difference in costs and waste compared to the replaceable heads from the drugstore.

Mistake #4: Applying too much pressure
Applying too much pressure when shaving is one of the most serious mistakes in wet shaving. Most think that the pressure simply cuts off more hair, making the result more thorough. However, exactly the opposite is the case here: by pressing on you damage your skin and cuts, irritation and redness are the result. It is best to let your razor glide gently over your skin - you will certainly get the right pressure after a few times. Take care of your skin.

Mistake #5: Forgetting skin care after shaving
It is no longer a secret that shaving irritates the skin and deprives it of moisture. It is therefore essential to adequately care for the skin afterwards so that it can regenerate. Rinse your skin with cold water after shaving so that the pores can close again. Gently pat your skin dry and then apply a moisturizer or a rich after-shave (lotion). It is best to avoid the sun after shaving and give your skin some rest.

Mistake #6: Not cleaning the razor
Please do not! It is usually sufficient if you rinse your razor well from the back and front with warm water after shaving to free it from all soap and hair residue. Then let it dry well, preferably standing up.

Even if there are a few points to consider before, during and after wet shaving, your skin will definitely thank you!