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Bold is Beautiful - the best tips for shaving your head with the SHAVENT

There are many reasons to shave your head. Together with the specialists for bald head care from betterbebold we will explain to you how to shave your bald head properly with the SHAVENT.:nach_oben_zeigen:

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This is how your bald head will be perfect 

Regardless of whether the hair on your head is getting a little lighter and you want to be faster than nature or simply don't feel like going to the hairdresser all the time: just take it into your own hands and dare to shave your bald head!

There are many reasons to shave your head. Together with the specialists for bald head care from betterbebold, we will explain to you how you can look after your bald head with the SHAVENT Schwingkopfrasierer shave properly.

Shavent head shave

Step 1: Preparation and cleaning

Start by gently washing your scalp with warm water, this will stretch your skin and your hair will begin to soften and stand up for shaving.

Step 2: Foamy Base

Be sure to apply shaving foam or shaving soap to the cleansed skin of the entire head - for a particularly gentle and smooth shave, for example the gentle foam of the Solid Shaving Bar - and let the foam work in briefly before you start shaving. In this way, you additionally strengthen the effect of standing up your hair.

Step 3: Take your time shaving and start with a lot less pressure! 

Be a little more careful at first, because shaving your head is the supreme discipline of shaving and injuries can happen quickly. Some areas are particularly sensitive due to bumps in your scalp, but don't worry, the SHAVENT will get you there :) just start with slow strokes and much less pressure than you might be used to from other parts of the body or other razors.

Quote from our in-house bald man: "I always "butchered" over my head with my old razor - that's not recommended with the precise shaving of the SHAVENT 😅 just shave slowly and evenly and you get a shaving result that is second to none - to mine Nothing else comes bald!"

When shaving a bald head with the SHAVENT, longer strokes than usual are advantageous because the sharp blades do a great job. A train from the hairline on the forehead to the nape of the neck is quite common. To simplify handling, hold the SHAVENT as high as possible on the handle and thus close to the razor head. This ensures an easy shave and always the optimal contact surface of the blades.

Step 4: Don't forget: Head hair grows in different directions! 

In order to achieve an even shaving result all over the head, the direction in which the hair grows must be taken into account. In particular, the direction of growth of the top hair and the sides differ. The SHAVENT can be applied against or with the direction of hair growth, depending on personal preference. We ourselves start with the direction of growth and then perfect against the grain. Then: shaving against the direction of growth leads to the famous baby bottom result, but also requires special care when shaving. The shavent optimally follows the contours of your scalp and thus prevents razor burn and other skin irritations. 

After a little practice, shaving your bald head is usually done after a few strokes and in a short time. Once you have thoroughly shaved off all your hair and rinsed off the foam with cold water, you should invest a little more time in caring for your bald head - for example with the nourishing and mattifying bald head care from Better be Bold. Because, as is well known, nothing is as sexy as a tender bald head 😎

It is best to use the moisturizing Best Face Scenario After Shave Balm to moisturize your skin. 

Enjoy the smooth result - you can't stop stroking over it. 😇