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Today she belongs Removal of body hair in women to the ideal of beauty. Even young girls find it completely normal to legs, the Bikinizone and the armpits to shave regularly.
That was not always so.
Until the 1980s, German women generally did not shave. the natural body hair let women run wild. Having smooth legs and hairless armpits was reserved for French and American film actresses. Even the popular singer Nena ("99 Luftballons") made headlines in the tabloids in 1985 because of her unshaven armpit hair.
At the latest in the 1990s, this changed fundamentally, and for reasons of aesthetics and hygiene it became an absolute taboo to show oneself unshaven in public, especially in summer.
We have different methods available for hair removal:
· Nassrasur
· Dry shaving
· Epilation
· Laser epilation
· Waxing
· Hair removal cream.
Advertisements lead us to believe that each of these methods is the best, safest and gives the smoothest skin. So every girl and woman has to find out for herself which method of hair removal she prefers. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages. Some are costly and/or time-consuming, others are painful, irritating to the skin, or not long-lasting.
For the shave were even Razors especially for women developed. Those for wet shaving are pastel-colored, which suggests a gentle shave for our delicate skin, which differs so much from the coarse facial skin of men. Of course that's nonsense! The shaving experience and shaving result is the same, or the "men's razor“ sometimes shave even more thoroughly and smoother. That's what they are for Damenrasierer more expensive. The Americans call this higher price “Pink Tax“.
The women's razors are a good marketing idea, but we women can confidently use the normal wet razors without suffering any damage.
Hautirritations after wet shaving? A common reason for this is used too often Soundthat scrape more than they cut. For perfectly smooth skin, razor blades really sharp, which means they should be replaced as often as possible. For women's shaving, it is recommended to replace the blades after about 5 uses. Assuming one shave every two days, this means a consumption of 3 replaceable heads or 3 disposable razors per month! We like to shy away from the associated costs and prefer to risk a bad one shaving result and the many little red pimples.
The SHAVENT team has for the area Nassrasur a plastic-free razors developed to be used by men and women, girls and boys, and everyone else alike, for a smooth shaving result with a gentle and safe shave of any type of body hair.
The blades used are available in packs of 100 and are very inexpensive for frequent use blade change. And without a bad conscience, because only minimal quantities of pure, recyclable metal waste are produced.
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