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Happy New Year, Happy New Me - Why the SHAVENT unites many resolutions😍

The SHAVENT combines an incredible number of New Year's resolutions and at the same time without sacrificing comfort! We'll show you why it's worth making the switch.

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At no time are people more motivated to completely change their lives than at the beginning of the new year. New Year's resolutions often involve a desire to shed old vices or establish new habits.

But most of the goals don't even survive to February😅

You are probably familiar with these resolutions: do more sport, eat healthier and behave more sustainably, be more environmentally friendly, save plastic and above all money or do something good for yourself.

And if you've often caught yourself giving up those resolutions in mid-January, don't worry:

The SHAVENT combines an incredible number of these projects and at the same time without sacrificing comfort! 

Would you like to behave more sustainably and save plastic? 

We developed the SHAVENT razor because we were shocked by the amount of waste and plastic we consume when wet shaving around the world year after year. Since you simply exchange the standard blades with the SHAVENT, plastic interchangeable heads no longer have to be thrown away. You can reduce your plastic waste per year with the SHAVENT quickly, easily and conveniently. 

Do you want to save some money next year? 

No more "cheap handles, expensive blades" tricks! With the SHAVENT you have made a one-time investment in a high-quality and elegant razor and from then on you save money with every blade change. This is how the SHAVENT pays for itself every day!

Would you rather buy durable products to be more environmentally friendly?

The SHAVENT is also the right choice for this purpose. It is manufactured using the high-quality die-cast zinc process and is therefore designed in a high-quality metal, made for generations. So it stays with you for the rest of your life😍.

You just want to do something good for yourself again?

Then swap the cheap plastic razor in your bathroom for a really elegant eye-catcher. The SHAVENT is super high quality and you can see that. Thanks to the fresh standard razor blades, your shave will also become a completely new and gentle experience for you. 

Start your year with our swing head razor and experience the shave of your life in 2023 with the SHAVENT🌟!