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No Gos - The most common shaving mistakes and how to avoid them

We explain to you what shaving mistakes do and how you can avoid them. 

Have you been shaving since puberty and think you know how to do it properly?

We bet against that😉. Definitely undermines you at least one of the following "shaving mistakes" also more frequently. We explain what they do and how you can avoid them. 

Because: Improper shaving leads to irritated and dry skin and that doesn't have to be the case!

The first mistake: shaving too early while showering 

If you shave in the shower or bath, don't do that first if possible. Start with washing your hair, a conditioner, or whatever else is part of your shower routine. Because: The longer your hair is in warm water, the more time it has to soften. Shaving is so much easier and your skin is less irritated. 

The second mistake: the dry shave

We all know this situation. You are spontaneously invited to a party in summer and then the shock: unshaven legs. So, in a last-minute action, you grab a razor and dry-shave your legs. This may be fine once, but in the long term it damages your skin enormously. She becomes severely irritated, the razor won't slide, and she gets cuts and ingrown hairs. So even if you're in a hurry, quickly wet your legs with water or even hold them over the sink for a moment and treat them to some shaving cream.

The third mistake: Changing the blades too infrequently

According to an existing myth, it is said that sharp razor blades cut you more often. But it's exactly the other way around. You injure yourself much more quickly with blunt blades. The skin is also extremely irritated, minor injuries occur which can become inflamed and the "plucking" of the hair is also very unpleasant.

The fourth mistake: No care  

Proper care is extremely important before, during and after shaving!

We already have a suitable one for this topic Blogpost written. Before you shave, you should take a warm shower to open your pores and soften your hair. Exfoliation is also very effective as it removes dead skin cells, allowing for a closer shave. Be sure to use a shaving gel or foam while shaving so that the razor glides better and the skin is less irritated. Our own care products are the perfect companion for your very individual, plastic-free shaving experience. After shaving, take a cold shower to close the pores and soothe your skin. Sounds banal, but works wonders. You should also use a moisturizer after shaving. This gives your skin the support it needs to regenerate.

The fifth mistake: pressing too hard

With plastic-free razors or planes, it is not necessary to press hard. You can use the weight of your razor, reducing your risk of injury and not irritating your skin too much. 


With the SHAVENT you automatically avoid all these mistakes. It is a wet razor and allows you a super smooth shave. With the cheap standard blades you can treat yourself to new blades much more often, because changing blades is quick and easy and you save plastic and money. The weight of the SHAVENT is completely sufficient for a close shave, so start with less pressure and enjoy😊

The SHAVENT takes your shaving to a new level in 2023🌟. Plastic-free, comfortable and made with love in Germany!