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Plastic-free in everyday life - with these tips you can do it too

With these valuable tips, you too can make your everyday life a little less plastic

In this article, we'll show you that reducing plastic consumption doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or inconvenient. 

In a nutshell for you: Stick to these points as best you can and reduce plastic in your life, for the sake of you and the environment.

Our 10 valuable tips to become plastic-free in everyday life, with a special focus on plastic-free shaving.

  • The first tip may sound simple, but drinking water from reusable bottles saves an incredible amount of plastic. Tap water is safe to drink almost everywhere in Germany, so there is nothing wrong with getting a stainless steel bottle to drink and simply filling it up regularly at the tap. Devices such as a water bubbler can also save many plastic bottles.
  • Environmental awareness also works in the bathroom: save on packaging by using solid shampoo or soap, or use refill packs. This way you avoid a lot of packaging waste.
  • When shopping for groceries, you can easily replace plastic bags with reusable bags or cloth bags and use fruit and vegetable bags to be more sustainable.
  • Toothbrushes make up a large proportion of the plastic waste in our oceans. When it comes to plastic-free dental care, you can make sure to use toothbrushes made of wood or bamboo, and there is also a toothpaste alternative: unpackaged toothpaste tablets.
  • Use your own reusable coffee mug to get your to-go coffee in the morning.
  • Plastic-free in the kitchen is also a big topic in everyday life. Just try what you can do with here. You can replace things from the kitchen such as straws, baking paper or cling film with metal straws, silicone mats or wax paper.
  • Speaking of the kitchen: Cooking fresh saves a lot of plastic compared to ready meals!
  • Support "bulk stores". A lot of packaging waste can be saved here, for example with screw-top jars. Groceries are sold here in bulk packs or multiple jars and can easily be refilled and reused over and over again.
  • Cleaning agents are generally very often harmful to the environment and not only absolutely harmful to the environment because of the packaging. On average, only three products are needed for each different cleaning agent. To make this area plastic-free in your everyday life, you can simply buy sustainable cleaning powders and then mix them yourself in reusable spray bottles.
  • For us at SHAVENT, it's all about: making everyday life less plastic without having to sacrifice comfort. We want to show you that sustainability is not annoying and not necessarily associated with a change. The SHAVENT combines the convenience of a swing-head razor with the sustainability of a straight razor or plane. Plastic-free shaving makes a very important contribution to environmental protection, because expensive plastic replacement heads no longer have to be thrown away. 36,949 tons of waste are produced in Europe every year just from wet razors and their replaceable heads. With the SHAVENT you can easily change the blades and save a lot of plastic and money!