Shavent Rasierer mit unterschiedlichen Muttern

It is well known that sharing is caring - does that also apply to a razor?

Do you share your razor with your partner? You can find out what speaks for and against it in this post.
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Psssssst, now just between us the question: Do you share your razor with your partner or is it strictly separated😇

We don't think there's anything against sharing, because let's be honest: You also share a lot of other things with your boyfriend or girlfriend, don't you?😉

But let's get down to business:

What speaks for and against sharing the wet razor?

Against shaver parts:

If you have very sensitive skin, it may be better to have your own razor as it is not so easy to lose track of how often you have changed your blades. 

Share per razor: 

  • A shaver takes up less space in the shower or bathroom. Although in our eyes, of course, two SHAVENTs are even better than one!

  • Instead of buying two cheap and unsustainable plastic razors, you can invest in a high-quality and handsome razor, and save even more money when changing the blade. 
  • You don't have to worry about hygiene either! A germ-free metal razor like the SHAVENT poses no risk here. Simply rinse briefly after shaving and you're done! However, make sure that you change your blades often enough to keep them nice and sharp.

We have a solution for everyone who still prefers to have their own SHAVENT and has already wondered how to tell the two SHAVENTs apart at home: Recently there is one in our shop different colored knurled nut🎉! You can find these on our website under accessories and then specifically in the knurled nut replacement set.

Now all you have to do is agree on who will keep the beautiful, simple chrome-colored ones and who would rather use the stylish blue or copper ones.