SHAVENT Rasierer steht glänzend vor Handtuch

SHAVENT for beginners

the SHAVENT is made of metal and therefore has a higher Weight than the plastic razor you may have used before. This is a bit unusual at first, but very soon you won't even notice it anymore.

The first time you shave with the SHAVENT, take your time.


You've made your decision, not so much anymore Wegzuwerfen plastic and no longer spend so much money on interchangeable blades and are therefore from Systemrasierer from the drugstore to the SHAVENT switched?
You have a SHAVENT Get a razor as a gift?
So far you have a plastic-free one safety razor used, but would like the three blades and the oscillating head that the SHAVENT offers, try?

Here are useful hints and tips for the first shaves with the new SHAVENT!

  • the SHAVENT is made of metal and therefore has a higher Weight than the plastic razor you may have used before. This is a bit unusual at first, but very soon you won't even notice it anymore.
  • The first shave with the SHAVENT take your time Lather the area to be shaved with shaving cream, soap or shower gel, just like you always did. Now leave it SHAVENT just glide very lightly over the skin, first completely without pressing. the twist with the slight contact pressure you will get out very quickly.

  • be special gently on places like shins, knees, ankles, chin, head. As with any other wet razor, the risk of cutting yourself is greatest here.

  • Never use the SHAVENT on dry skin!
  • Also the finished one Spray shaving foam from a can is unsuitable, because it is much too dry and does not soak the skin. In addition, it is anything but environmentally friendly and therefore does not fit in at all SHAVENT.
  • If the handle from SHAVENT slippery it's because of the soap, just rinse your hand with it SHAVENT under running water. It will soon be held securely in your hand again.
  • If once hairs on the blades don't just let it rinse off, open the knurled nuts very slightly and let a jet of water run through it.

  • Are you with the shaving result If you're not as happy as you were at first, then it's time for a blade change! Stock yours SHAVENT With fresh blades and the shave becomes sharp again.
  • If you have changed the blades, please make sure that the new blades are beautiful again parallel lie and be securely clamped by the upper head.

  • After the shave you can SHAVENT dry to give it a nice shine. But you don't have to, because wetness damages it SHAVENT not at all.
  • If you ever want to do a more thorough cleaning, you can SHAVENT without blades simple in the dishwasher e.g. in the cutlery basket. It is best to clean the intermediate plates by hand so that they do not bend.
  • You have to find out for yourself which blades are best for you. We recommend that finished half blades of the company Derby to use, you can get them in our shop or elsewhere on the internet. If you find blades from other brands better, you can also cut normal razor blades down the middle, but please don't break them using sharp scissors carefully cut lengthwise in the paper. In this way, the blades do not have a bending edge and the risk of injury is reduced.

  • We have the SHAVENT as Three-blade wet razor designed and find it best that way. But maybe you want to experiment a little and the SHAVENT try it with just one or two blades. Nothing stands in the way. Insert blades and spacers in the way that works best for you. We would be very happy to hear about your experience.
  • Now let's go! Plastic-free and gentle!

Let's S(h)ave in Style!