Glatt rasierte Haut beim Profisport – Mythos oder Leistungssteigerung?

Smoothly shaved skin in professional sports - myth or increase in performance?

When we think of professional athletes, we often picture athletic bodies and clean-shaven skin. Many professional athletes, especially in some specific sports such as cycling, swimming, track and field or bodybuilding, shave their bodies regularly.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the topic of "clean-shaven skin in professional sports" and whether it's a myth or whether it can actually help improve performance. says: "A real innovation among men's razors" Reading Smoothly shaved skin in professional sports - myth or increase in performance? 2 minutes Next Different beard styles at a glance

Aerodynamics and friction reduction: A commonly cited benefit of shaving is improved aerodynamics and reduced friction. This factor is particularly relevant for sports such as swimming, cycling and triathlon, where speed and efficiency play a major role. Removing body hair reduces air or water resistance, which can result in smoother movement. This in turn can lead to improved performance and faster times.

injury prevention: But shaving can also help prevent or minimize injuries in sports. In sports like rugby, soccer, or wrestling, removing body hair can make it easier to apply bandages, bandages, or tape. In addition, the smooth feel of the skin can reduce the risk of skin abrasions and lacerations, especially in contact sports where physical contact and falls are common.

hygiene and care: Shaving the body can also be associated with improved hygiene and grooming. The absence of hair reduces sweating, which in turn can reduce the risk of unpleasant odor and skin irritation. In addition, smooth skin allows for better post-workout care, which can aid in recovery and regeneration.

psychological aspect: In addition to the physical benefits, shaving the body can also provide a psychological benefit for some professional athletes. The sleek look can boost confidence and bring a sense of professionalism. It can also help make physique and muscle definition more visible, which is important for athletes competing in aesthetic competitions like bodybuilding.

Conclusion: Clean-shaven skin in professional sports is not just a myth, but can actually provide several benefits. Improving aerodynamics, reducing friction, preventing injuries, improving hygiene and care, and the psychological aspect are some of the reasons why many professional athletes choose to shave regularly.