Was macht den SHAVENT so anders gegenüber Rasierhobeln und Plastikrasierern? | SHAVENT

What makes the SHAVENT so different from safety razors and plastic razors?

The shavent compared to the classic safety razor and the system razors from the drugstore - we have combined the best of two worlds in the shavent
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With SHAVENT we bring you a comfortable wet shave paired with elegance and freedom from plastic - and that in the highest, long-lasting quality, locally produced.

What makes him SHAVENT especially?

For comparison, let's look at the wet shaving razors, which are the best known and most widely used.

Classic safety razor

We know the safety razor, also known as a safety razor or torsion plane. These were used by our grandfathers and are still widely used today.

A safety razor consists of a handle and a rigid head that houses a razor blade that is clamped using a simple principle. It can be used on both sides because the blade has two sharp sides.

The application requires some practice. You always have to find the right angle that the blade has to have to the face when shaving in order to achieve a smooth result. Shaving with a safety razor is very precise, but the risk of injury should not be underestimated. You have to be very focused while shaving, especially in the beginning

According to many manufacturers, the safety razor is not officially suitable as a ladyshave because the necessary shaving angle cannot be reliably maintained on the body. Therefore, in many safety instructions from the razor manufacturer, you will find the comment that the safety razor is not to be used for body shaving. Many women still use the classic safety razor for body shaving, but they often have respect for the use and concern that shaving with a safety razor could be too aggressive and women could easily injure themselves. Nevertheless, many women buy a safety razor because they don't want to create so much plastic waste in the bathroom.

A safety razor is usually made of metal and is very durable. The blade is easy to replace with a new one. Once bought, the safety razor is a very inexpensive way of shaving because the replacement blades are cheap. In addition, the safety razor is very environmentally friendly because it is plastic-free and there is hardly any waste, the used razor blades are sent to metal recycling.


+ precise, environmentally friendly, inexpensive to use, durable

- There may be a risk of injury for beginners, usually not suitable for body shaving

System razor with replaceable head

The best-known type of wet shaving is the system razor. They are present in every supermarket, drugstore, online, in TV advertising, everywhere. They are available from numerous manufacturers in many price ranges and in countless variants.

A system razor or oscillating head razor consists of a handle and an interchangeable head in which several cutting blades are arranged. A simple mechanism allows the entire cutting head to be replaced with a new one if necessary. System razors enable a very gentle shave.

The razor head is movable and automatically follows the contours of your face or body part to be shaved when shaving. Handling is very simple and the risk of injury is low.

The oscillating head shavers are also very well suited as lady shaves, they are also available specifically as women's shavers.

A system razor is usually made of plastic with rubber, the replaceable razor heads are a composite of plastic and metal. This means that they are not recyclable and a huge amount of waste is created.

The handle wears out with daily use and becomes unsightly after a while, so that ends up in the plastic bin too

System razors are very inexpensive to buy, but the frequent purchase of replacement heads can be expensive and produce a lot of waste.


+ smooth, safe, comfortable, easy

- Expensive to buy later, makes you "dependent" on the shaver manufacturer for the replacement heads, generates vast amounts of non-recyclable plastic waste

disposable razor

Disposable razors are the cheapest variant of wet shaving. They are made in one piece, with a rigid head containing one or more cutting blades. They are suitable for on the go if you forgot your razor at home. They shouldn't be the everyday way of shaving, as disposal creates a huge mountain of non-recyclable waste.

So what makes the SHAVENT so special?

With the SHAVENT we have combined the advantages of safety razors and system razors in an extra-durable design!

the SHAVENT Wet razor is made entirely of metal and works with replaceable, inexpensive standard razor blades, such as the safety razor.

the SHAVENT has an articulated head with three closely spaced blades that allow for a smooth, precise shave, just like the Systemrasierer.

But the best thing is its longevity and environmental friendliness. Once bought, you have hardly any follow-up costs, because the razor blades are inexpensive and available everywhere in bulk. the SHAVENT is equally suitable for everyone, both for faces and as a ladies' razor, for those with beards, three-day beards, legs, bikini zones, armpits and also for intimate shaving. Plastic-free and sustainable.

SHAVENT avoids mountains of plastic waste!

Designed in Italy, Made in Germany.