Kork vegane Alternative

All-rounder cork - the vegan alternative to leather

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials and also vegan! In this blog we explain what makes cork so special.

Almost everything that is made from leather can also be made from cork.

wwwwwwwwwCork is one of the most sustainable materials and also vegan!



In this blog we explain what makes cork such a special raw material. We will also introduce you to our new cork products for your SHAVENT.

How is cork harvested and processed in the first place?

Over 70% of the world's cork material comes from Portugal. Here are in large cork forests, the cork oaks close together and offer many animals and plants a habitat. A single cork oak tree can live to be 150-200 years old and can be peeled and harvested up to 16 times during its lifetime. It is the only tree that can survive when the bark is peeled. Not a single tree is felled for cork production. Harvest time is May to August and cork farmers can harvest up to 45 kilograms of cork per tree. The harvested cork is then dried for half a year and then boiled to kill insects and larvae and make the cork more supple. 

Only the middle layer of the cork bark is suitable for the cork sheets used for most products other than bottle corks. The cork panels are connected to larger panels with natural, organic glue. The layers of cork are then cut thin and applied to a backing fabric. The finished cork sheets can now also be colored or printed and processed into all sorts of things. 

Why is cork so sustainable?

Cork oaks store up to 30% more CO2 than other trees. They come up with a quantity of 14 million tons of CO2 annually worldwide, which corresponds to the emissions of 4 million cars. A regularly peeled cork oak can also bind more CO2.

What are the advantages of cork at a glance?

  • durable, through ecological adaptation to the dry and hot climate in Portugal
  • easy
  • renewable raw material
  • recyclebar
  • CO2 absorbierend
  • naturally
  • vegan
  • water & dirt repellent 

What are the new cork products at SHAVENT?

The cork (travel) bag:

Tasche aus Kork

Our vegan alternative to the leather bag. With our high-quality bag made of sustainable cork, you can easily take your SHAVENT with you on every trip. A velvety protection for handle and blades. There Cork is water repellent Your SHAVENT is always stored hygienically and safely. Our cork bag is the perfect and sustainable addition to your plastic-free SHAVENT razor!


The cork blade guard:

Schutz aus Kork

With practical Ball pocket buttons you can enclose your swinging head super and safely with the blade protection. In this way you protect your toiletry bag from cuts by the blades and at the same time have a germ-free and compact safeguard for your SHAVENT swing-head razor. Both variants of the cork bag are available in two stylish colors and have an elegant laser engraving.