Pralinen Geschenkidee nachhaltig

Giving with meaning - last-minute gift ideas for Christmas

Shortly before Christmas and still no gift? Don't panic, instead of buying some short-term frills again, take a look at our last minute gift ideas. And they are also sustainable!

Everyone knows it: Shortly before Christmas and no present yet😱. No panic! Instead of buying some short-term frills again, take a look at our last-minute gift ideas. And they are also sustainable!

Especially at Christmas there are many beautiful last-minute DIY gifts and other ideas that you can use to make your loved ones happy at short notice:

  • Especially at Christmas are homemade baking mixes a great idea. Search the recipe from the internet, fill it in a nice glass, loop it: Done🎀. A sweet personal touch. 
  • Time instead of stuff: Give one away company. Consciously taking time for a loved one is a beautiful and special gift, especially at Christmas. Whether a great dinner or a spa day for your partner or a shopping day together for your best friend. You will see, your loved ones will be very happy.
  • Does the recipient like to cook and experiment? Make yourself intense spice blends together and make every amateur cook happy.
  • "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get," said Forest Gump😊. Unfortunately, this is no longer such a surprise with today's chocolate boxes, as the contents are usually on the back. That's why our next cute DIY idea is for you, homemade chocolate and chocolates. You can make both yourself at home without any experience and decorate them beautifully. 
  • coupons can usually be printed out at very short notice, or better yet, you write and make one by hand. Both will definitely bring a lot of joy, especially if you find something that the person would like but can't afford themselves.  
  • Love goes through the stomach at Christmas. homemade Cookies, spreads, liqueurs or the classic roasted almonds, can please your friends far more than something new material that may have no use.
  • Plant lovers will also be happy about a new one plant for the apartment or the room. Then they will think of you every time they look at you😄
  • annual subscriptions for magazines or television programs, can also be bought at very short notice, are used a lot and are fun. 

We hope we were able to inspire you to one or the other last-minute and still beautiful and sustainable idea and that you refrain from buying something quickly this year that might just be lying around. Christmas can be super nice, personal and yet sustainable.