Reinigung SHAVENT, SHAVENT unter Wasserhahn

How does my shavent stay beautiful for a long time? - Our tips for proper cleaning

You were wondering how to best and most effectively clean your shavent?

We have some tips for you on how your Shavent will accompany you for a long time.

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Everything that is intended for (life)long use must be cleaned at regular intervals. 

Have you wondered how you can best and most effectively clean your SHAVENT?

We have some tips for you on how your SHAVENT will accompany you for a long time - because: The SHAVENT is made for generations and should be an eye-catcher in your bathroom for a long time and radiantly beautiful. 

  • Tip number 1: Quite simply, you can simply rinse your razor under warm, running water after each use💦. You don't have to dismantle it completely for this!
  • Tip number 2: A more thorough cleaning is recommended after each blade change. To do this, you can dismantle the shavent and simply clean the individual parts (ie: blades, spacers, head and handle) thoroughly with warm water. Just be careful not to bend the spacers between the blades. 
  • Tip number 3: Without shims (spacers) and blades, you can also run the shaver in the dishwasher on a relatively warm program to make it shine again. Somewhat more stubborn residue, for example deposits of water or your shaving cream, that have become lodged between the spring and the pressure pin can also be removed here.
  • Tip number 4: Very thick hair or a pasty shaving cream are a challenge for every multi-blade razor. But that's not a problem with the shavent, because if it doesn't remove all the hair by itself, you can easily unscrew the knurled nuts by 1-2 turns and then rinse your shavent with warm water. The developer Armin, shows you here once how best to do it.  
  • Tip number 5: Sounds very simple too, but after every shave, put your shavent on the one in all of ours Sets supplied stand. This allows the water to drain perfectly through the handle and your razor dries well and hygienically.
  • Tip number 6: Tested and recommended by Armin😊. If more stubborn deposits occur in the form of limescale, you can soak your razor in a heavily diluted vinegar-water mixture overnight. At this low dosage, nothing on the shavent itself is attacked. But the lime deposits dissolve and your shavent shines like new again. 

So you see: With little effort, you can clean your Shavent swing-head shaver and ensure that it stays as shiny as long as you get it✨!