Then get the SHAVENT wet razor

The SHAVENT combines the best of two worlds:

It combines a comfortable swing head and 3-blade shaving with the simplicity and sustainability of classic standard razor blades.

With so much comfort and its elegant appearance, it shows that sustainability does not have to mean asceticism !

The perfect sustainable shave for the face and the whole body!

Comfortable as usual, sustainable like never before

The SHAVENT takes your shaving to a new level, without any plastic or expensive interchangeable heads

We've had enough of razors that you shyly hide when visitors come - the SHAVENT, with its elegant curves and opulent shine, is far too beautiful to hide.

Design meets sustainability.

Up to 500,000,000 razor replacement heads In Germany alone, they end up in non-recyclable residual waste every year. An unimaginable amount of plastic combined with valuable metal!

With the SHAVENT you say "goodbye" to expensive, waste-causing interchangeable heads and disposable handles!

Because it is made of durable metal with an ergonomic handle and completely avoids plastic and rubber. You only replace what needs to be replaced, namely the three blades.

The SHAVENT takes all the comfort you know from a drugstore razor and combines it with the advantages of your grandpa's safety razor.

The smooth-running swaying head with the three razor blades suits everyone Curve and shave gently, safely and thoroughly from head to toe.

The interchangeable heads of drugstore razors not only cause waste - they also cost money in the long run. A lot comes together over the years. You can also see how much that is for you in ours Blade calculator recalculate.

We didn't feel like doing that anymore!

That's why the SHAVENT uses standard razor blades, so-called single edge blades, which are available very cheaply from many brands.

This means that a blade change only costs you a few cents instead of many euros and the SHAVENT pays for itself.

It's a good idea to treat your skin to fresh blades more often - because fresh blades are also the best way to say goodbye to skin irritations!

The SHAVENT is fully designed to last - because the best way to prevent waste is to have a long-lasting product!

The metal parts of the SHAVENT are cast in Thuringia and elaborately polished by hand with many pieces and chrome-plated for a long-lasting finish.

Wear parts are reduced to a minimum and can all be easily replaced at home. Because why should you throw away a great razor just because a spring might get tired after a few years? Exactly, there is no reason for it, it's ours spare parts set!

Our assembly and quality control in Munich then ensures that every SHAVENT shipped meets our high requirements and will be a loyal companion for you.

Made with Love in Germany eben.

Every skin wants a gentle shave!

Thanks to its smooth-running swinging head, it is not just suitable for everyday shaving Face suitable, but also for shaving the body - Armpits, legs, chest, intimate shaving, head shaving - the SHAVENT shaves every part of the body as softly as possible - and is also the perfect companion for a slightly sleepy morning shave in the shower.

Standard razor blades

Clever blades, so easy to change


Shavent is the razor I've always been waiting for: plastic-free, stylish, high-quality and, in the long term, cheaper than all of my previous ones.

Marcus E.