The plastic waste thing

We Europeans are only too happy to feel safe, because we are doing everything right, we have it waste sorting invented! We throw plastic packaging in the yellow sack, so we have a clear conscience because plastic is recycled and new products are made from it.
We think.
The truth is that only part of it is recycled. The statements differ on how much, but in any case far less than half. In addition, the yellow sack or bin is only intended for packaging with the green dot. All other plastic waste belongs in the household waste and ends up in the waste incineration plants, valuable resources are irretrievably lost.
And: Waste incineration costs a lot of money, so the question arises, what is the cheapest way to get rid of our waste?
After China no longer wanted to be Europe's garbage dump, new destinations were found, e.g. Malaysia, Vietnam. Even these countries have reduced the quantities or banned the import of waste.
Today, Indonesia is the largest single importer of For plastic bags from the EU. Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic in the ocean.
According to Stopoceanplastics the discharge of plastic into water is estimated at around 1 million tons per year. Malaysia is also currently one of the top 10 polluters of plastic in the sea. And that's where we deliver ours Plasticabfall there.
With every kind of waste, it is always about money and sometimes also about illegal disposal. It's a business.
It is assumed that Plastic not decomposed by microorganisms. Although it continually shrinks under UV light, it is never completely broken down. The microparticles are carried away by the wind and eventually end up in the sea. Colorful dust that comes back down the food chain and ends up in our blood. We are still unclear about the consequences for our organism.
The images of whales or sea turtles caught in plastic waste make us think, but it's not our fault because we separate our waste?
Let's think about how each one of us can do our bit for our environment, let's start with avoiding plastic waste. Every day.
It starts with the daily shopping, pay attention to the packaging!
Industry and many shops have long since started offering biodegradable or paper instead of plastic packaging. It is up to us to accept these offers.
We from SHAVENT have the plastic-free wet razors in place of Road yard rasierers and the disposable interchangeable heads.
Our contribution against the plastic flood!
By the way: Disposable razors and interchangeable heads do not belong in the yellow bag! They are also not recyclable because they are made of a composite of plastic, metal and rubber.
the SHAVENT Nassrasierer however is consistent and will remain beautiful, modern and functional for many years. the Sound are easy to replace and belong in the metal waste, simple and 100% recyclable.
It is best to collect the worn blades in the small box that is included, also available in our shop, so that you can later dispose of them as metal waste.
Another advantage: you can change the blades much more often because they are extremely inexpensive and come in packs of 100. So you always have them in stock and yours SHAVENT is always really sharp for a smooth shaving result.
Put an end to disposable razors or interchangeable heads!
Your contribution to avoiding plastic waste. SHAVENT.
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