Razor Blades

Complete blade freedom: The SHAVENT uses inexpensive standard razor blades, which are completely plastic-free 
(so-called half blades or half blades, single edge blades, called half razor blades)

These can be bought inexpensively from many brands. They have been used in straight razors for decades and are thorough, gentle and inexpensive. You can find a small selection of brands right here with us.

If you already have "entire" razor blades, i.e. "double edge" blades, you can also use them in the SHAVENT. Just carefully cut in half with scissors.  

Wondering which blades are right for you? 

Shave normal thick beard hair / body (Shave armpit hair, shave chest, shave intimate parts, shave legs):
derby blades are the perfect all-rounders for you! 

Shaving very dense and thick beard hair / head:
super-sharp professional razor blades from Perma Sharp are our tip.