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SHAVENT Rasiergel, SHAVE & SHOWER Rasurpflege Set SHAVENT Rasiergel, Pumpspender, Händewaschen, Shaving gel
SHAVE & SHOWER - Shaving Gel
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SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife
SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar
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SHAVENT Rasierpflege Set, Spender und Shaving Gel, Rasiergel SHAVENT Rasiergel, Rasiergelspender aus Glas
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SHAVENT Set Rasierschale und Solid shaving Bar, Rasierseife SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife
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SHAVE & SHOWER Probier Set - 1x Solid Shaving Bar 1x Shaving Gel, Set SHAVENT SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife, Pumpspender, Glas, Hautpflege
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SHAVENT Rasierseife ohne Seife, SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar, Rasurpflege Set SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife
Set 3 x SHAVE & SHOWER - Solid Shaving Bar
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SHAVENT Rasiergel, SHAVE & SHOWER Rasurpflege Set SHAVENT Solid Shaving Bar, Rasierseife ohne Seife
Set: 3x SHAVE & SHOWER - Shaving Gel
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SHAVENT Rasierschale, Rasierseifenschale, Tiegel aus elegantem Metall SHAVENT Rasierschale im Badezimmer mit Rasierseife, Rasierseifenschale, Tiegel aus elegantem Metall
Rasiergelspender SHAVENT, Pumpflasche aus Glas Pumpspender SHAVENT beim pumpen Rasiergel

SHAVENT 2in1 shaving care


Shaving Soap - Why it should be part of your shaving routine

A shaving soap is indispensable for a classic shave. The Solid Shaving Bar is a no-soap shaving bar for men, women, everyone.

The rich care is perfect for your plastic-free shaving experience from head to toe.

The shaving soap optimally prepares your skin before shaving. It creates a rich lather that leaves skin soft and supple, helping hair stand up. This makes shaving easier and reduces the risk of skin irritation and cuts.

In addition, the shaving soap is rich in nourishing ingredients that protect and care for the skin while shaving. For many people, using a shaving soap is a pleasurable and relaxing ritual, taking time for themselves and pampering their skin.


Properly lather shaving soap

There are two ways to lather up shaving soap: with your hands or with a brush. Both methods have their pros and cons and it comes down to personal preference which one you prefer.

Using your hands is easy and convenient as you don't need any additional utensil. You simply take the shaving soap in your hands and work it up with water until a dense foam forms.

However, if you want a particularly creamy lather, you can also use a brush and shaving bowl. To do this, place the shaving soap in the bowl and foam the soap up with a damp brush and a little water. After a few seconds you can take the soap out of the bowl and continue foaming the shaving foam with the brush until you get the perfect shaving foam. If the foam is still too thin, put the soap back in the bowl and repeat the process. After a few times you will get a feel for how much water you need to make the perfect shaving foam. (If you are still looking for a high-quality & elegant shaving bowl that is a real eye-catcher in your bathroom, we have it here the right thing for you.)

Whichever method you choose, it's important to apply the foam to the area of skin you want to shave and give your soapy hands a quick rinse before you shave. Then you can shave gently and safely.


Which is better - shaving cream or shaving soap/gel

If you shave with a wet razor like the SHAVENT, you can't avoid shaving soap, gel or shaving foam. Whether shaving soap/gel or shaving foam is better depends on individual preferences and needs.

Shaving foam can usually be used faster and easier, but there are also some arguments against the foam from the can. Because the ingredients can dry out your skin, especially if you tend to have dry skin. Alcohol and other synthetic ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances can irritate sensitive skin. Shaving foam can be thick or sticky, causing the razor to clog and making shaving more difficult. In addition to the ingredients, the shaving foam also poses an environmental burden. Because many shaving foam cans are made of plastic and cannot be recycled.

While shaving soap/gel requires a bit more preparation as it needs to be lathered up first, it gives a closer and smoother shave. Both the SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar and the 2 in 1 shaving gel are rich in caring ingredients that protect the skin during shaving. In addition, these can be more cost effective as you use less product and it tends to last longer. In addition to money, a lot of plastic and other non-recyclable materials can also be saved.


What distinguishes a good shaving soap?

So that you can find the ideal shaving soap for you, you should pay attention to various points. A high-quality shaving soap moisturizes to protect the skin from drying out and to make shaving easier. It should also produce a rich and creamy lather to allow for a smooth and gentle shave. Natural ingredients are also important to minimize the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions, reducing skin irritation and razor burn. They can also help to care for and protect the skin. A good shaving soap should last a long time, allow for many shaves, and have a pleasant scent to enhance the shaving experience.


From die SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar

The SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar can become your ideal shaving soap because we have paid close attention to these points. Our shaving soap contains glycerin as a herbal moisturizer. Sweet almond oil provides care, moisturizing and irritation relief, while rice starch and carbohydrates from red algae ensure the creamy consistency of the foam.






Shaving Gel - Why it makes your shave easier

The SHAVE & SHOWER 2 in 1 shaving gel should not be missing from your shaving routine if you don't want to do without care for your quick shave in the morning.

The shaving gel optimally prepares your skin for the shave. It has a light texture that makes it easy to apply and rinse off. It makes shaving easier and at the same time reduces the risk of skin irritation and injuries. In addition, shaving gel has nourishing ingredients that help protect and soothe the skin. Many people like to use shaving gel as it makes shaving easier and saves a lot of time.


What distinguishes a good shaving gel?

A good shaving gel is characterized by various properties that enable an effective and comfortable shave. In order to find the ideal shaving gel for you, you should pay attention to the following points. A quality shaving gel should have a light, creamy texture that is easy to apply and not sticky. It should also moisturize the skin to reduce skin drying and make shaving easier. Nourishing ingredients are necessary to reduce skin irritation and irritation. Some shaving gels offer a 2 in 1 function in that they can be used not only as a shaving gel but also as a shower gel. This not only saves space, but also a lot of time in the shower.


From das SHAVE & SHOWER Shaving Gel

We at SHAVENT have made sure that all these important properties are contained in the ingredients of the SHAVE & SHOWER Shaving Gels be found again. Gelling agent provides the necessary moisture and consistency. The shaving gel contains sweet almond oil for care, moisturizing and irritation relief. Coconut oil-based surfactants reduce skin irritation and irritation.


What does the SHAVE & SHOWER care line smell like?

The SHAVE & SHOWER Solid Shaving Bar and the SHAVE & SHOWER Shaving Gel have the subtle scent of a clear alpine breeze and freshly washed white towels. With their fragrance, they bring pure relaxation to your bathroom. The pleasantly refreshing fragrance is unisex and the perfect companion for daily shaving.