Safety & Care

Safe handling

The important things first

Most importantly, we all know razor blades are razor sharp.

So please be careful as usual and do NOT let the razor and old and new blades get into the hands of children. Animals can also injure themselves on razors and blades.

Take your time when changing blades and always hold the half-blades on the blunt side.

So that you can safely store your replaced blades until they are recycled, we have a Blade collection box for you in the shop. The blades are also safe in it in the bathroom - and the jar even comes to you filled with a sweet surprise.  



The most skin-friendly use

Tips and tricks against razor burn

Razor burn and other forms of skin irritation are often (and this applies to all razors, not just to SHAVENT) the result of too little "lubricant" or blades that are too blunt. 

We recommend the use of shaving foam, personally we also like to use normal shower gel and have already used it Shaving with oil had very good experiences. 

A soothing after shave balm also helps to soothe and care for the skin after shaving. Such care products are also available in many drugstores as a balm for body shaving.

You should definitely avoid severely pimply, inflamed or injured skin areas when shaving until they are healthy and smooth again. 


Please make sure that only the shaved region is covered with the lubricants, but that your hands are clean and free of grease so that you have a secure grip on the razor.

Your skin reacts best to shaving if you always use sharp blades. Where you used to shave for too long with the same blades due to the interchangeable heads, you can do it more often today new blades treat.

How long the blades last depends on the frequency of use, the thickness of the hair and the size of the area shaved. Find your individual comfort point by paying attention to whether the blades glide gently or are already pulling on individual hairs or even getting caught. Then you should swap blades.


As with all products that you leave on your skin, if irritation occurs despite all the above advice, stop using it and consult a dermatologist.

Assembly, care & transport

So your SHAVENT is at your side for a long time

You should always have dry and grease-free hands when changing the blade. Take some time for it the first time, then you will soon internalize the movements. To change the blade, simply follow the pictures on the insert in the packaging, or as shown below:

Klingenwechsel 1.JPG
Klingenwechsel 3.JPG


Please make sure that you tighten the knurled nut screws securely, but without great effort. Only ever use blades that were hygienically in their original packaging. 

Rinse your SHAVENT thoroughly under running water after each use and let it dry. You can place it on the stand included in all sets. 

You can thoroughly clean the SHAVENT at regular intervals, for example when changing the blade. To do this, dismantle all parts and rinse the individual parts under clear water. You can also clean your SHAVENT in the dishwasher without the blades and without the spacer plates.


If you transport the SHAVENT, always do this in a separate one Bag, cover or similar, however NO unprotected in the same compartment with other items in the wash bag. Vibrations during your journey could loosen the screws and the blades could fall out, causing injury!

Better safe, than sorry

You probably already know all of the above. But a little reminder is always helpful. We wish you many great and safe shaving experiences with your SHAVENT razor.


Repair: Have you had a mishap? No worries!

Even the strongest razor can't take it all. If you ever have a mishap with the SHAVENT and it needs repairing, then get in touch with us at and we will surely find a quick solution so that your SHAVENT is ready to go again soon!